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Oh B*M, another leak - wwyd ?

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LIZS · 09/11/2008 21:34

10 days ago, one of our radiators burst , water seeped downstairs overnight onto utility ceiling. Coincidentally the light doesn't work. The radiator has been drained and is awaiting the plumber to replace.

Tonight I discovered water on the floor of the downstairs toilet - on investigation I dioscovered it wasnlt wee , as first thoguht, rather it seems the shower pump in the airing cupboard above has leaked and water dripped through (Sunday night is the night the kids wallow in the shower).

Both incidents have separated the ceiling panels below and caused water damage. Would you try to claim on insurance or just let them dry out and paint over ?

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countingto10 · 10/11/2008 16:48

You can probably claim for the damage caused by the water leak but not for the cause of the leak ie radiator and shower IYSWIM.

Obviously try and put in through as 1 claim otherwise you will have 2 excesses to pay

LIZS · 10/11/2008 17:08

that's what I'm worried about. Anyone managed to repair a water damaged ceiling ? Can you sand down the bubbling and reapint ?

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LIZS · 12/11/2008 17:15

Now have a new radiator but we nwo also need a new shower pump To redo ceilings fully would be about £500 so will have to check our excess.

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