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Help choosing new colour for living room?

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Angelina08 · 28/10/2008 17:47

Hi Ladies

Its a pale yellow/cream at the moment, but I really want to jazz it up abit.

I also have a brick fireplace with an oak beam mantle which I need to tie, along with a chocolate brown leather couch.

I was thinking about some of these Farrow & Ball Colours...

London Stone

Anyone have any other recommendations as I don't really fancy spending £20 on testers before I have even bought the paint.

Thanks ladies


OP posts:
AmIWhatAndWhy · 28/10/2008 17:49

Go for cream and a stronger colour on the chimney breast wall.

CuppaTeaJanice · 28/10/2008 17:54

Do your woodwork in a darker colour - it will make your wall colour look lighter and brighter.

LovelyDear · 28/10/2008 23:07

We now have a String bedroom. i love it.

Angelina08 · 29/10/2008 08:39

Do you think String is more suited to a bedroom rather than a lounge? We have white woodwork and its a farily large light room?

Thanks :-)

OP posts:
Angelina08 · 29/10/2008 08:42

Thanks CuppateaJanice - but the woodwork is a bright white and was only done about 6 months ago and the thought of painting it (3 doors, dado rail and skirting) again horrifies me - not sure what colour you would paint it too without stripping it all back to the natural wood and varnishing it?

Thanks for replying.

OP posts:
LovelyDear · 30/10/2008 00:58

we have brilliant white woodwork and ceiling, white and wooden furniture, and the bedroom is very sunny. string looks good - we have mustard yellow/dark brown patterned curtains (nicer than they sound!). there's a kind of safari vibe going on. i don't think of it as a specifically bedroom colour - i might put it in my sitting room too. my view, having painted 5 rooms in 5 different colours now, is that pretty much anything (except really bonkers colours) looks good simply because it's new and fresh.

brimfull · 30/10/2008 01:15

this would be nice on your chimney breast

Angelina08 · 06/11/2008 18:54

Thanks LovelyDear and ggirl - I'm off ot buy some testers !

I think String could be a winner !


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