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Does anyone know any good roofers in Norfolk?

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Pannacotta · 27/10/2008 15:41

Ideally who will do chimney and lead work as well as re-tiling?
We dont have any personal recommendations and woudl rather avoid just using the Yellow Pages.

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BOOkleSpookle · 27/10/2008 15:49

Where in Norfolk? My BILs are roofers and can do lead work and I think chimney work too but it would depend how far you were from them, they are based in Suffolk so might not be too far

Pannacotta · 27/10/2008 17:26

Thanks Bookle, we are in Norwich so not too close to Suffolk really...

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BOOkleSpookle · 27/10/2008 22:52

They would go to Norwich, only about an hour from here, if you are interested I can give you their number.

Pannacotta · 29/10/2008 17:56

Thanks Bookle but I think I will try and find someone a bit closer. Given the price of petrol and the size of the job I think two hours travel a day would really bump up the cost.
Thanks anyway.

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