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Fitted kitchens and changing a fridge?

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broguemum · 23/10/2008 09:18

I am marginally embarressed to ask this as it exposes how totally useless I am at DIY. The problem is that my fridge door will not stay shut. I stick it shut with parcel tape which adds a very classy feel to my kitchen. DH has fiddled with the hinges and it still won't stay shut. He suspects it could be the seal? Anyway, the likelihood of him fixing it is zero. This has been going on for a year now and I want a new fridge. But this one is fitted.

How do I swap out a fitted fridge? Is it relatively easy to take apart a fitted kitchen and put a new fridge in? Can I do it myself or would you advise getting someone in?

Advice much appreciated.

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Furball · 23/10/2008 09:34

AFAIK you take the kickboard off the bottom of the units which is clipped on to the the unit legs, It's usually in one long piece all across the bottom.

open the fridge door and you should see where the fridge is screwed to the units (usually 2 or 3 places) undo all of those and it should just slide out from its unit housing. (don't forget the plug wire may be short so unplug it when you can)

Getting the wood door off the front is a different kettle of fish, have a look on the wood on the inside of the fridge door to see if you can work it out.

Furball · 23/10/2008 09:37

then you need to buy a new one and do the instructions in reverse to fit a new one. You will need a spirit level though to make sure the fridge is sitting level on the floor and you might have to adjust the screw legs but it's not hard.

broguemum · 23/10/2008 09:46

thank you!

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