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Working out what a house is worth.

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critterjitter · 19/10/2008 14:31

I've just found this site. I don't know if anyone has come across it before, but it seems FAIRLY realistic. (Well, better than Zoopla anyway!) It doesn't however take into account the further drops that people will have to make just to sell...

OP posts:
BreevandercampLGJ · 19/10/2008 14:40

It matches the Nationwide calculator. Wanders off to see what Zooopla have to say.

findtheriver · 19/10/2008 20:12

It's ok as a very broad guide but nothing more than that. There are so many 'desirable' towns and villages within an area and so many 'undesirable' ones - the difference in prices can vary tremendously.
Also, if you are living next door to something really horrendous you'll struggle to sell, and likewise, if you happen to have a fantastic view, your property may command thousands more than something 200 yards away which doesn't.

southutsire · 19/10/2008 21:21

How to work out what your house is worth:

  1. don't work it out yourself...

    Telegraph: A third of homeowners think the value of their property has not been affected by the recent housing market downturn
interstella71 · 19/10/2008 22:26

haha that article is hilarious - some people are so blinkered! Imagine believing that your property has risen in value.

critterjitter · 19/10/2008 22:28

Love it!


"....although 16 per cent think their neighbour's home will be worth a lot less in a year's time than it is now.

At the same time 30 per cent of people think the price of their home will rise during the coming year, but only 14 per cent think neighbouring properties will see a similar increase."

Now I know why my offers are being rejected!

OP posts:
twinsetandpearls · 19/10/2008 22:28

Well according to that first link my house is worth over £40 more than I am asking for it and I can't sell.

Chocolateteapot · 20/10/2008 08:21

Love the article ! Was having a conversation with a friend back in the summer who was somewhat resistant to prices going down, despite the local estate agents saying in an article that prices were now 10-15% less (one quote) and another agent saying 15-20% less.

She then said how shocking it was to think that the house they sold in summer 2007 would now be worth 80k less (20%) if they had sold at the end of the summer, but then went on to work out at what her current house (spending lots of time and money on a huge extension) was worth at 10% less. Apparently it wouldn't be 20% less as her old one was as it was a "very desirable house". I was very good and probably for the first time ever, I didn't say a word, leaving her to her delusions.

Jampot · 20/10/2008 14:19

according to a couple of the mums at ds's old primary school "the credit crunch and house price falls wont affect this area"!!!

its a very stuck up area helped along by very stuck up EAs

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