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Does anyone have black and white tiles in their hall / kitchen

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pippibluestocking · 12/10/2008 18:45

.... and do they show the dirt really quickly / require daily washing to keep them looking clean? Am contemplating having B&W tiles in either Amtico or Marmoleum - and that is my second question - what is the difference between the two and would you recommend one rather than the other?

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pippibluestocking · 12/10/2008 21:21


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pippibluestocking · 12/10/2008 21:27

Come on - SOMEBODY must have B&W tiles in their hall / kitchen!!

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fairyfly · 12/10/2008 21:28

I don't know what you mean, hard to clean? Do you mean on the floor?

SheSellsSeashellsByTheSeashore · 12/10/2008 21:29

I'm having them done in my kitchen and bathroom as we speak. god I hope they don't get dirty quickly I am a slattern.

I got the idea from a mans house and his were clean. Yes thats right a man a single one. With a clean house

They must be easy to clean.

fairylights · 12/10/2008 21:32

we do but they are the original ones from when the house was built over a hundred years ago so yes, they are a little worn and grubby but look lovely, especially after i have mopped them hope yours do too although i guess they will be shinier than mine..

faustina · 18/10/2008 06:56

yes I have got them in my kitchen! I had vinyl that looked like black and white tiles in my last house and everytime anything happened - someone dropping something heavy, the washing machine being pulled out etc etc, it would make a dent or tear. The floor looked crap after a VERY short time, and it wasn't cheap vinyl either.

when we moved here I wanted the look but not the crapness, so I investigated both of your options. Amtico is meant to be nice but it seemed easily damaged and quite high maintenance - special cleaning, not wearing heels to wallk on it. My ex SILhad marmoleum and she says it too is crap and shows every dent. Also both were really expensive, which I wouldn't have minded but only if they were really robust.

In the end I got really cheap ceramic ones from Focus - they're in my kitchen and utility room and they are truly wonderful. They've been there just over two years now and they look the same as when they went down. Cleaning is easy peasy. Nothing has knackered them and believe me we have tried - teenagers, dogs, cats, many appliances moved around. They are no more slippery when wet than vinyl was, only a few plates and glasses have smashed when dropped - like four in two years (not bad for us). They are cold if you are barefoot in the winter but blissfully cool in the summer. Dogs, cats and sons all stretch out on them. Can't fault them. Fired earth had expensive ones but no need to spend that money, spend it on good tiler instead

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