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new combi condensing boiler

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choufleur · 11/10/2008 19:08

oour current boiler sounds like it's going to take off whenever it comes on. had a estimate today for a new combi condensing boiler with new valves etc on the raidators - £2200. does this sound expensive? i thought it was but really haven't got much of a clue.

OP posts:
bleurgh · 11/10/2008 19:12

We had one put in and it mucked up the pump that powers the shower. I can't remember why. I would just say research like totally mad. Do you really need a combi?

Don't know about the estimate.

bleurgh · 11/10/2008 19:13

ps there is a boiler website where you can ask questions and plumbers give you answers. This is true.

choufleur · 11/10/2008 19:14

want a condensing combi as they are the most energy efficient and our gas bills are just ridiculous.

is your shower heated from the main water supply or an electric one?

OP posts:
choufleur · 11/10/2008 19:14

Do you know what that website is?

OP posts:
sunshineonarainyday · 11/10/2008 19:15

We've just had a quote for a new combi condensing boiler (but we don't need the valves on the radiators) and it came to £1,8200. So it sounds about right to me.

pooka · 11/10/2008 19:15 12409760#12409760

This is a previous thread to do with condensing boilers/boiler replacement.

pooka · 11/10/2008 19:17

We have a condensing combi boiler (a keston). Our shower is heated from main water supply I think (we have no tank) but we also have a pump in the cellar that pressurises the water so is mains pressure even when higher up the house.

bleurgh · 11/10/2008 19:17

this is one, not THE won't give quotes but it might help you decide that you need it or don't

blithedance · 11/10/2008 19:23

It does not sound too bad including labour, best part of 2k sounds about right. There may be a grant for the energy efficiency you can get though, a couple of hundred IIRC.

It's worth it for a good boiler like a Vaillant or Worcester Bosch. Run a mile from a Baxi like the heap of junk that reluctantly spits out a trickle of hot water in this house .

In fact if you can get onto any plumbers' chat site you will soon get an idea of what they think are the best ones. You could also look on the Screwfix website where each trade has a forum.

lalalonglegs · 12/10/2008 12:15

Exactly - it depends on the spec of the boiler (agree with Worcesters and Vaillants, Baxi and Biasi utter waste of money). I fyou are not replacing the radiators, make sure that the plumbers are power-flushing - not just adding inhibitors- system so sludge doesn't kill your new boiler off. Also will depend how large boiler is needed which will be dictated by size of house and how many radiators you have.

lilymolly · 12/10/2008 12:17

DP- Corgi reg plumber thinks it is a good price. what type of boiler is it?

choufleur · 12/10/2008 13:03

I don't know the spec. Just got my friendly gas man round yesterday to service exisiting bolier and asked him for an estimate, he's not given a full quote yet.

need to look to see if any grants are available as well.

thanks all

OP posts:
Fizzylemonade · 12/10/2008 22:25

We had Worcester Bosch combi condenser junior 28i??? was £2000 for that to be fitted, all pipework in loft, tank in cupboard on landing, and cold water tank in loft to be removed, radiator moved in one room and replaced with double rad, and 10 thermostatic valves. They have to put a drain in for the boiler, mine was in utility next to washing machine so already had drain that they piped it to.

Also remote thermostat so instead of having the timer thing/temperature setting on your wall it is moveable meaning you can find the best place for it and attach it to the wall or move it around (like I do) it is the same one as Center Parcs use but I didn't choose it my corgi guy did!

3 day job.

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