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Anyone had installed in their house....

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ToughDaddy · 06/10/2008 21:14

link ...thinking of the sash and bay windows. They will be supplied by a company called Swan Windows if I go ahead. Have you used this product or the installer? Are you happy with the product?

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ToughDaddy · 06/10/2008 22:02


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MorrisZapp · 07/10/2008 12:37

Haven't used that company but we had sash and case double glazed windows installed a few years ago, as we're not allowed UPVC at the front due to listed nature of our area.

They look great but do not provide the 'fully sealed' benefits of UPVC double glazing. I remember being a wee bit disappointed with the level of noise reduction - we live on a busy main road and we can still hear the traffic although it is substantially muffled.

At the back of the house we can have what we like, so we have UPVC sealed units. They are much tighter and keep all noise and draughts out, but they don't look in keeping with our traditional house.

Having said that, our new sash windows are dramatically better than the rickety old ones we were replacing. Bear in mind too that they will cost roughly double that of UPVC.

ToughDaddy · 07/10/2008 19:28

many thanks Morris. We are keen to preserve the look and feel of our period house. We are in a conservation area and so might be restricted any way. Can I ask what company you used?

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ToughDaddy · 07/10/2008 22:36


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ToughDaddy · 09/10/2008 22:08


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ToughDaddy · 11/10/2008 14:56


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MorrisZapp · 13/10/2008 16:52

Sorry toughdaddy! I've been away. I can't remember the name of the company but they're Edinburgh based, where we live. If this is of any help I'll ask DP and he'll tell me the name of the co.

I understand that in most conservation areas you have to have traditional at the front, but you can have whatever you like at the back.

It's a tough choice but I am glad we have the more modern type at the back - even in the depth of winter we have total draughtproofing, and I personally actually quite like the look of them.

ToughDaddy · 13/10/2008 21:55

thanks, that is very useful

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