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Anyone a plumber or have a partner who is one?

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hercules1 · 04/10/2008 20:53

How do you get rid of air in your pipes? It happens to us about once a year and eventually goes. Had plumbers out before and they tried various stuff but couldnt fix it. It eventually seems to right itself often when the heating is put on but this hasnt worked this time.

Mains is fine but water from teh tank is slow and keeps stopping.

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hercules1 · 05/10/2008 08:56


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chosenone · 14/10/2008 20:55

DH is a plumber he thinks..... it sounds like feed pipe from your tank is block, try power flushing th central system or replacing feed pipe! A presurrised system would stop this is you removed the tank and put a filling loop from your mains cold water to hating pipes, then you have a sealed system!

He reckons a good plumber should know this, good luck cos im blimmin confused!

chosenone · 14/10/2008 20:56

didn't spell check...sorry, the heating pipes

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