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Any Glaswegians out there who can offer some advice about house prices?

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DebitheScot · 25/09/2008 15:32

My DH has just been offered a job in Glasgow- in the Science Park on Maryhill Road. Only problem is that he'd be taking a bit of a pay cut if he accepted it so we don't know if we can afford it. We currently live in the South of England but want to get back to Scotland.

How much would we have to pay to get a half decent house in a half decent area with at least 3 bedrooms within about 30 min drive of work? We'd only have about £150,000 to spend we think.

OP posts:
mumhadenough · 25/09/2008 15:38

About 150k would suit you for a half decent area. i live in Clydebank about 10 mins drive away and you could get a three bed semi in a not bad area of Clydebank for that, i.e. most parts of Duntocher, some of central Clydebank and some of Dalmuir, some bits of Old kilpatrick (which is really nice).

Avoid Maryhill (G20), Possilpark and Drumchapel (G14) at all costs! Why not go onto right move and search G81 to give you an idea, then if you see something you fancy, tell me and I'll have a look at it and tell you what the area is like.

Some parts of Bearsden (which is overall lovely but has some not quite so posh parts), may have some houses for sale in the current housing market at that price. The science park is located to the Bearsden end of Maryhill Road. Bearsden and Milngavie are the "posher" parts of Glasgow along with the southside.

If you want to know anything about the area, please don't hesitate to ask.

C x

mumhadenough · 25/09/2008 15:46

this is probably a good buy in Bearsden but needs a lot of work.

this isn't too bad, although a terraced.

{[ I really like this one ]]

this one lets just say I know very very well, lovely street which is fabulous for kids in an ok area (not posh or amazing but ok) with decent schools.

mumhadenough · 25/09/2008 15:47

Fixing broken link I really like this one

prettybird · 25/09/2008 15:49

Remember wehn you are looking that in Scoltand we still do the "offers over" way of advertsing - and although the "over" is not as much as it used to be, especially in popular areas, it does still mean "over".

There are however more "fixed price" properties comingonto the makret, which shows that it is indeed slowing down.

That caveat notwithstading, I did still manage to din you some 3 bed hosues in your price range in Bearsden/Milngavie (I didn't expect to) which would be really conveneinet -
and with the benfit of good school.

Clyde Property

prettybird · 25/09/2008 15:53

My Mum taught at Clydebank High and I would go so far as to say it was a better school (in the sense of "for all its pupils") than the school I went to (Bearsden Academy) which at the time I went was only really interested in the clever kids.

DebitheScot · 25/09/2008 16:08

thanks, I'm just going to have a look at those links.

I had noticed that there are a lot more fixed price houses around now than in the past. And I know they're not going for as much over the offers over as they used to either

OP posts:
DebitheScot · 25/09/2008 16:11

there's some seriously worrying pattern clashes in the living room of that first house!

OP posts:
DebitheScot · 25/09/2008 16:17

mumhadenough when you say "lets just say I know very very well" does that mean its your house? Its my favourite out of those links you've posted.

OP posts:
mumhadenough · 25/09/2008 16:26

No Deb its not mine, but I live VERY VERY nearby!

mumhadenough · 25/09/2008 16:29

Feel free to drop me an email if you want any more info. jualz at tiscali dot co dot uk

mumhadenough · 25/09/2008 16:31

Prettybird, from what I hear Bearsden Academy hasn't changed in that respect. Clydebank High are also having a new school built next door at the moment, which is storming ahead. It looks amazing, one building is almost finished!

DebitheScot · 25/09/2008 16:34

thanks. We'll be having a serious conversation when dh gets home. The big Q is can we live off £250 a month less (plus more than that for a bit while I am on maternity pay which just kicks in this month).

OP posts:
mumhadenough · 25/09/2008 16:42

I think the cost of living here is meant to be much less than down south isn't it?

MrsMigginsPieShop · 25/09/2008 16:50

Yay all the Scots on this thread! I'm in Edinburgh but used to live in Weegieland. Move baaaaack, go on, you know you want to Good luck.

Btw even here in Edinburgh there are now more homes at 'fixed price' than 'offers over', and the fixed prices already have some 'cheeky offer' leeway built into them so don't be afraid to make a bid you can afford - they might have to bite your hand off.

prettybird · 25/09/2008 16:52

... and of course the quality of life is soooooo mcuh better!

(Thread diversion: my mum was apparently Marti Pellow's favourite teacher! )

prettybird · 25/09/2008 16:54

(and I was one the swots kids that Bearsden Academy was interested in, so I did OK!

sb6699 · 25/09/2008 16:54

I moved from Clydebank to East Anglia a couple of years ago.

Cost of living down here I find pretty much the same although house prices are ridiculous compared to Scotland.

FWIW I just sold my flat in Clydebank today!!. Estate Agent told us the only houses selling atm are those at a fixed price at a reasonable level so you should be able to pick up something at a fair price.

My db went to Bearsden Academy and agrees they are only interested in the clever kids - although I hear nowadays the clever kids aren't going there!

mumhadenough · 25/09/2008 17:08

Where was your flat sb? [nosy icon]

Nothing has been shifting in Clydebank for months but I noticed during this last week things are starting to move again.

They are building houses right in front of our Street, have been for the past year and there has been 10 houses up for sale in our street as most of the neighbours are moving into the new estate now that our houses are 12 years old. This time 18 months ago you couldn't get a house in this street for love no money. Its dropped down to 6 up for sale though this past week.

DebitheScot · 25/09/2008 21:53

Aaaarrrggghhh we can't decide. Looks like we can afford to do it if we eat beans for a year but can dh cope with a pay cut and no pay rise for over a year?

OP posts:
mumhadenough · 25/09/2008 23:58

There are a few Lidl and Aldi about Debi. Try and base your decision on quality of life

sb6699 · 26/09/2008 10:05

mumhadenough - our flat was in Faifley. Not a great area but the flat was lovely. We did have it on a really reasonable price though. Suppose we were pretty lucky - we bought it for pennies because my mum sold it to us!

DebitheScot - I would try renting so you can decide which areas you like - some of them you wouldn't touch with a bargepole others are great.

In saying that, although my house and surroundings down south are beautiful compared to where we used to live I really miss the "weegies" - you don't get anyones life story standing at a bus stop down here!

mamadiva · 26/09/2008 10:19

OOh I used to ive in Dumbarton just outside of Glasgow with some nice bits(where we lived) most of it's a shithole though LOL. I moved to Elgin about 2years ago though. Bearsden and Milngavie are lovely but again AVOID DRUMCHAPEL AT ALL COSTS unless you regularly wear a stab vest and put bulet proofing on your pram LOL.

sb6699 · 26/09/2008 10:42

My lovely dh is from Drumchapel - what can I say!!!

mumhadenough · 26/09/2008 12:40

SB I grew up in Faifley! Lived in Watchmeal, Auchnacraig, Lawmuir and Cluny Avenue, Mostly Auchnacraig, which was a lovely street when I was a wee girl, bit like Beirut now though .

prettybird · 26/09/2008 12:42

A lot of money and regeneration effort has gone into Drumchapel in recent years - and amzingly the secondary school has a good reputation, thanks to a brilliant headmaster.

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