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has anyone actually managed to sell their house lately?

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bubblepop · 24/09/2008 12:29

and did you get anywhere near the asking price?

OP posts:
artichokes · 24/09/2008 12:31

We offered on one and we beaten by a cash buyer who offered above asking! That was 6 weeks ago and they have now completed.
Its probably a good thing as we can't actually sell ours.

naturelover · 24/09/2008 13:22

Ours went on the market last week. Not a single viewing so far. We thought we had priced it realistically (ie much lower than the valuation a year ago).

cyanarasamba · 24/09/2008 13:25

We have just accepted an offer 12% below asking price. We put it on the market for slightly more than the agent recommended 4 weeks ago.

wombleprincess · 29/09/2008 13:39

yup. asking prices 365, sold for 352750

PerkinWarbeck · 29/09/2008 13:46

sold on friday
asking price offer achieved, though we set our asking price at 10% lower than last year's selling prices, which no-one round here seems to be doing.

Bubbaloo · 29/09/2008 19:58

We sold ours in July and actually got 3k over our asking price,although it wasn't a private buyer as we sold to a housing association.
However,I do think we were exceptionally lucky as we thought it would take months to sell.

Twiga · 29/09/2008 20:04

Good to see some positives on this thread. We're selling in Scotland which is meant to be a bit more bouyant than the market here but 8 weeks in we've had one viewing and nothing doing. Particularly frustrating as we've had to move down to England and are renting so in total we're paying the equivilant of our mortgage 3 times over to cover both properties.

mamazee · 29/09/2008 20:53

we just bought a house for £154,000. asking price was £175,000.

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