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My kitchen is falling apart

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unavailable · 19/09/2008 19:30

Help. I now have only one drawer left in my (very dated)kitchen. The others have fallen apart and everything else - tiles, flooring and worktops have seen better days. I really need to do something BUT am a bit overwhelmed and quite cash strapped. The units still quite sturdy, so I may be able to get away with changing the door fronts, but considering all the other work that needs doing, should I just accept that I need a whole new kitchen? Has anyone had any experience of similar and what did you decide? How much did you pay? Both I and dp are useless with DIY and we would need to "get a man in" whatever we decide.Any advice very gratefully recieved.

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ChirpySquawkPiecesofEightGirl · 19/09/2008 20:20

I am currently replacing the doors and worktops in my kitchen as I have had enough fo the crappy hanging off dorrs that the hinges have gone on and the worktop that has a great chunk chopped out fo it and filled with plywood by the previous owner, therefore rendering it completely fecking useless as a worktop!

Anyway, have been pricing and shopping and for a new 6 ft larder cupboard plus 9 base unit doors, 5 wall unit doors, 4 new drawers (with new runners and everything) new worktop (6m worth) and sink and taps....for £500 give or take from b and q. I could probably find cheaper but have lost the will.

If you just replace doors you can reuse your hinges, new drawers are about 15 quid (insides and runners) and then drawer fronts come with the doors for underneath for about a tennerish.

Any good handyman should be able to fit new doors and cut out a worktop, my mum manager it on ehr own fgs, probably a day or 2's work all in.

unavailable · 19/09/2008 20:44

Thank you parrotgirl - thats really helpful

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Cadbury · 19/09/2008 20:46

unavailable - are you standing in my kitchen? sounds awfully familiar!

unavailable · 19/09/2008 20:50

I have painted the units twice, and the tiles which were a hideous avacado colour, but tbh it has needed doing for years. I have been hampered by chronic indecisiveness and (relative) poverty but am now determined to get it sorted. My one drawer left is also looking ropey and its runner is almost worn away.

OP posts:
redclover79 · 19/09/2008 22:03

We just changed our kitchen, would have liked to just update the doors but the kitchen was bought secondhand by the last people and was so ancient the units were imperial and we couldn't get hold of new fronts unless they were made to order! We were eventually forced to act when our built in cooker went crazy and started switching on it's own hobs .
We obviously had to buy a new cooker (previous was also an antiquity!), tried desperately to get hold of a refurbished one in order to save a few quid but would have had to wait 6 + weeks. We opted for a freestanding one we can take with us (lots cheaper!), and bought the cheapest kitchen in the sales we could find (we are in a shared ownership house so there isn't much point spending out a lot of money as it'll never be reflected in the house value when we come to sell!). Kitchen was about £1100 for 6 floor units in different sizes, 3 wall units and work surface. We also paid £800 to have it installed.
Have you tried looking for a secondhand kitchen? If yours is only small you may be able to pick one up really cheaply, or just replace any dodgy cupboards/drawers that way, I think they all come as standard sizes? Freecycle might also be worth a try!

redclover79 · 19/09/2008 22:08

Oh, and we had other quotes to install the kitchen at £2000! For our £800 we had to build the cupboards ourselves and rip out the old one too.
Oh, and you could go to Homebase etc and get a kitchen plan made up, then go on eBay etc and see if you can pick up the units you'll need secondhand. If you do that though, make sure if you're gonna pay someone to fit that they are happy to fit a secondhand kitchen!

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