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Hall storage- what have you got?

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domesticslattern · 04/09/2008 21:15

I like the look of this hall storage bench thingummy from Cotswold Company, but live in London so it's impossible to get to see it in RL. Unless I trek to Guildford .

Anyone got one or know anything similarish from a different shop? I just want to not trip over everything constantly...

It's a long shot I know, but I do end up making the most terrible mistakes buying stuff off the internet.

OP posts:
WideWebWitch · 04/09/2008 21:16

Don't they deliver?

domesticslattern · 04/09/2008 21:25

They do deliver WWW, but I don't want to spend that kind of money without seeing it in RL.

OP posts:
WideWebWitch · 04/09/2008 21:35

Ah, I see. What's their returns policy?

asquashandasqueeeze · 04/09/2008 21:40

i've got something really similar from The White Company in my hall. (I have both the bench and the hooks/shelves combo).

I don't know if the White Co shops in London have furniture so you can look at them? (also don't know how they compare quality/price wise sorry).

GreenEggsAndSpam · 04/09/2008 21:42

We've got one of these
coats and stuff

which takes all our coats/hats/gloves/umbrellas, plus we hang school/swim/shopping/handbags from it - it takes a LOT! (and looks nicer than in the pic).

Not sure about the floor unit. We ust have two boxes of shoes

domesticslattern · 04/09/2008 22:50

That really helpful asqua- just the kind of tip I was looking for. Price is not wildly different. I shall give one of the London stores a bell tomorrow.

I had tried everywhere- M&S, John Lewis, Laura Ashley, Next... and drawn a blank.

Thanks also GreenEggs, yes I think I might go to Ikea for things to go above the bench.

The returns policy WWW is that they would take it away but I would have paid £29 and a day waiting in for the privilege. Not sure I want to chance it TBH.

OP posts:
themoon66 · 04/09/2008 22:52

I've got something very similar from Ikea. I will try to find a link....

Tommy · 04/09/2008 22:52

check the size carefully - we have some stuff from Cotswold and I was really surprised how small it was when it arrived!

themoon66 · 04/09/2008 22:54

with greeneggs hooks above

stroppyshopper · 04/09/2008 23:03

Don't laugh, but if you don't mind a walnut-y color instead of the cream, then go for the Leksvik range at Ikea. We have the hall shelf with cubbies and hooks, and also the "shoe rack" which is actually a bench with cubbies under (and they sell baskets separately that you could put in the cubbies if you liked). Not nearly as nice as this set you've picked out, but SOOOOO much cheaper.

Otherwise, I think I've seen something similar (but, again, probably not quite as nice) in both GLTC catlogue and another kids catalogue... maybe JoJo Maman? They sell them as "family storage."

But I can't recommend the Ikea Leksvik stuff enough... it's been great, and holds tons of coats.

wobbegong · 04/09/2008 23:06

Hum, looks like I'm going to have to go out to Ikea again! ARGH! thanks everyone though for the tips.

You're dead right, stroppershopper, there is one in the Jojo Maman catalogue. But I really want to see before I buy, and I don't think any of their shops have furniture?

stroppyshopper · 04/09/2008 23:31

apparently you can order online from Ikea now...

But then you DID want to see it in person (or you could take my word for it ;)

Heck, I love going to Ikea. I love those meatballs.

stroppyshopper · 04/09/2008 23:32

whoops, here's the link to that conversation:

Overmydeadbody · 04/09/2008 23:34


I just have a black hole pile where everything gets dumped.

domesticslattern · 05/09/2008 08:04

Very useful stuff- thanks all. The Jojo one is a good tip.

OP posts:
Pannacotta · 06/09/2008 22:25

I'd also suggest IKEA though with IKEA their stuff never seems that different from the catalogue/website, unlike many places.
Cant understand why there is such a limited range of hall storage in this country, in Sweden there are masses of fab hat/coat racks to choose from.

Greeneggs, can you use coathangers to hang heavy coats on your Leksvik rack? Is it enough for a messy family of four?

GreenEggsAndSpam · 07/09/2008 18:58

Pannacotta - we are a very messy family of five . The rack holds bike helmets on top, winter hats, gloves, scarves, summer hats and umbrellas in the box sections, then there are a set of hools at the back, plus six double hooks at the front which hold swim bags, school bags, book bags, shopping bags, handbags, the odd laptop bag, misc bags, plus coats, cardigans, waterproofs etc. It holds loads more than I thought it would!

Tis an excellent piece of kit. Won't encourage you to declutter though

Pannacotta · 07/09/2008 19:05

Thanks Greeneggs, sounds good. Am in no hurry to declutter!
Is it possible to use coathangers with it though? DH has some heavy winter coats and needs to hang these on hangers (rather than on hooks), so not sure if this would do?

Nappyzoneneedssleep · 07/09/2008 19:09

I liek the look of that greeneggs but i am thinking our internal wall would collapse if we hung something like that on it (cardboard new build house!)

FabioBadAssCat · 07/09/2008 19:09

Twiglett has bespoke hand build under the stairs storage with a shoe drawer and everything.
She had a thread.
It was v exciting.

GreenEggsAndSpam · 07/09/2008 20:09

Pannacotta - we don't use hangers, but certainly the hooks at the back would be fine with them and it is quite deep, so they wouldn't get bashed around.

We saw this in IKEA quite a few years ago, but it was never in stock. It took a few trips before we got one. It was always on display somewhere in the store though, so if you go I reckon you could get a look before you bought, just to check

Pannacotta · 07/09/2008 20:39

Thanks GreenEggs.
Am glad I am not the only one who loves hall storage threads

stroppyshopper · 07/09/2008 22:13

I can also vouch for the Ikea stuff's ability to hold a whopping number of heavy coats, plus several nappy change bags, backpacks and a collection of shoe polishes, among other random sh*t.

Twiglett · 08/09/2008 17:44

it was wasn't it?

nowt as important as cubordage

Pannacotta · 08/09/2008 17:47

go on give us a link Twiglett !

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