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Any tips on where I can find wallpaper for ds's bedroom?

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redclover79 · 31/08/2008 20:50

I've no idea where to start! We went to homebase and laura ashley today but they had nothing we liked! I've had a look online tonight but I'm clueless as to where to look!
We've been looking at some wall murals but I've just realised that we are going to have to put furniture against the wall which will obstruct the picture.
Is there anywhere I should be looking? Nothing's come up on eBay either!
DP has knocked huge holes in the wall where he took out a fitted wardrobe so we can't really get away with painting the wall either!

OP posts:
nannynick · 31/08/2008 21:03

Are you looking to do a particular theme? Space Theme for example?

WobblyPig · 31/08/2008 21:05

How old is DS?

nannynick · 31/08/2008 21:11

If you want to shop at physical stores, try
Brewers (who also sell online - WallPaperDirect)

nannynick · 31/08/2008 21:17

From WallPapersDirect:
Dumper Trucks
Fighter Jets

redclover79 · 31/08/2008 23:51

nannynick - thanks for those, I quite like the dumper trucks! 3 walls are going to be painted blue though so I don't know if I should find a different coloured paper!
wobblypig - ds1 is 4 and ds2 is 16 months (they share).

OP posts:
MelBlond · 04/05/2011 14:52

Some of the really cool designs I have used lately I have found in the kids wallpaper section from Wallpaperking

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