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Do you have a Megaflow and is it worth the cost?

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Pannacotta · 04/08/2008 15:41

Am looking into this as we need to update our rather antiquated heating system (we have a gravity fed system and the boiler is about 25 years old).
Any thoughts on cost and is it something you recommend?
There are 4 of us (DSs are 3 and 1) and both DH and I like long hot showers rather than baths.

OP posts:
selby · 04/08/2008 19:05

Love it, love it, love it! Having relocated to a rental house hundreds of miles away, we REALLY miss having a pressurised water system. Our newbuild house had a Megaflow system and it's worth every penny! (And much more pressure than a power shower!)Having got used to one, it's hard living with a bog standard shower. When we buy again, we'd be tempted to overhaul the system to a Megaflow - once you've experienced one, you can never go back! How's that for an endorsement?

SlapAndTickle · 04/08/2008 19:08

They are very expensive - about the same costs again as a condensing boiler, So if you calculate £1200 for a boiler add another £1200 + a lot of floorspace for a megaflo on top.

PS I love 'em too

lalalonglegs · 04/08/2008 20:03

Yes and yes

Pannacotta · 04/08/2008 20:50

Thanks all, they do sound good, am pretty sure they use them in Sweden, when I lived there power showers were the norm, and lovely, nothing like the rubbish showers we have here with gravity fed systems.
Are they a standardly huge size? Do we need a huge cupboard/spare room to put one in?!

OP posts:
willali · 05/08/2008 08:44

Yes they are huge - ours lives in the garage (which is attached to the house IYSWIM)and looks like a small space ship. Second all comments about great pressure - if you have the opportunity to put one in I'd thoroughly recommend it!

CantSleepWontSleep · 05/08/2008 08:56

What's a megaflow? If it's just something to improve water pressure then why not just fit a pump to the system?

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