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Has anyone added an upstairs to an existing ground floor extension?

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naturelover · 21/07/2008 17:00

Our two-bed cottage has a downstairs bathroom next to the kitchen, and we'd like to add another bedroom and a shower room above the ground floor extension (which was done in the 1970s). Anyone had any experience of this? How straightforward was it and how long did it take? How much disruption (ie did you move out?)

Also was it expensive? And worth it in terms of adding value?


OP posts:
SoupDragon · 21/07/2008 17:01

You#ll probably have to investigate the foundations of the extension to see if they're strong enough for another storey.

LIZS · 21/07/2008 17:12

Friends tried to do this and found there were insufficient footings(despite what the original plans and planning application for that extension had shown) so needed reinforcement of foundations before it could take the weight. Added ££ to the cost and in the end they went for something bigger all round.

naturelover · 21/07/2008 17:12

Good point. Any idea if this is difficult/complicated to explore?

OP posts:
LIZS · 21/07/2008 17:17

You need s structural engineer or surveyor to dig a hole !

LyraSilvertongue · 21/07/2008 21:33

We wanted to do this but our planning application was refused twice. make sure your council doesn't have a policy against first floor extensions like ours does.

TheHerdNerd · 21/07/2008 22:35


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