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LikerabbitsBX- what on earth did you post on my thread that made mumsnet delete it?!!!

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willweeversell · 20/07/2008 18:07

On the post where I was nashing and wailing coz we can't sell our house- am not asking you to post it again by the way, obviously but am very curious, can you give me a clue!!

OP posts:
BreeVanderCampLGJ · 20/07/2008 18:17

There are an awful lot of trolls on here at the moment.

willweeversell · 20/07/2008 18:27

Hi Bree

kind of guessed it must be something unsavoury or maybe against Mumsnet rules in another way (advertising or something?) just made me wonder as searched for the posters other messages and they all seem to be fine .....

OP posts:
MilkyChopsKid · 21/07/2008 08:57

It was advertising for a company selling properties, not a buyer for you willweeversell!

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