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How long to view a house?

11 replies

hertsnessex · 19/07/2008 14:55

How long would you take to view a house

a/ if you liked it
b/ if you didnt




OP posts:
bran · 19/07/2008 15:09

I find it takes about the same time to view whether I like it or not. It think it's because I generally weed out the definite non-starters before the viewing stage, but also I don't necessarily trust my own first impressions so I would still go through my check list even with a property that didn't make a good impression to start with.

I did once decide not to even go inside, but that was a property that I hadn't seen details for and that the estate agent suggested he tag onto a few other viewings. The location was wrong so it didn't really matter what it was like on the inside.

The last time I was property hunting was for 3-bed flats and I think I spent about 15-20 mins on a first viewing, including looking at the facilities (gym/pool etc).

itati · 19/07/2008 15:12

With the house we live in now we knew quite quickly we wanted it and stayed about 20-30 minutes. Ridiculous really, a short time for such a big purchase. One house we were set to view we didn't even get out of the car!

S1ur · 19/07/2008 15:14

a) 15-20mins

b)if viewing with an agent, about 2 mins, if with owner ashort as possible while polite. 5 mins.

hertsnessex · 19/07/2008 15:17

we had an offer a few wks ago, they were here 45mins - but they hanvet sold - so nothing more we can do.

just had another cpl who were here 40mins and then went to look around area etc.

keeping everything crossed!

OP posts:
nickytwotimes · 19/07/2008 15:18

About 20 mins for us, maybe a little more if it needs work.
The same whether we like it or not - I am obsessed with houses!

noddyholder · 19/07/2008 15:19

About 10 mins would be enough to get a feel I would come back for longer maybe half an hour before making an offer just to calculate costs if it needed work.Good luck!

bran · 19/07/2008 15:23

I've never put an offer in without going back for a second or third look, but then usually I'm looking at places on my own as dh is always too busy so we have to do a second visit to my favourite 2 or 3. The second visit is always a bit longer as we need to consider which rooms for which use etc.

MamaChris · 19/07/2008 19:18

a. 15 mins, but would be back for 2/3 more visits
b. 5 mins with agent, but it has been up to 30 mins with pushy seller (I worry too much about being rude!)

good luck with this cpl herts

hertsnessex · 19/07/2008 21:06

thanks, fingers crossed. we went for a walk and saw them driving past again!

when we have looked we go once, maybe twice before making an offer - we have bought and sold alot!!

really want to get moving now!!

OP posts:
notcitrus · 20/07/2008 01:17

5-40 minutes in both cases.

5 min included a flat that was identical to one where the seller had pulled out the day we were to exchange, so all we had to do was check the standard of decor before making an offer (Mr NC saw it first, then phoned me to come that evening and see if I agreed to confirm his figure and tell the sellers, which I did.)

Other times we've enjoyed nosing around houses, especially ones already done up, to give ideas about how to do up ours. The longest visits have been either seriously considering an offer, or seriously wanting the house but knowing we couldn't afford it. We saw 2 in our current street that were 'this is one that we did up earlier' - one was over £100k above our price range!

Fizzylemonade · 20/07/2008 09:17

3 minutes if we don't want it and up to 30 mins if we do. I like to take a tape measure with me when I go round, a notepad and pen and write stuff in scruffy writing so that the vendor can't read rip out awful kitchen it

We would then return for second viewing and scrutinise everything in detail. It is too easy to fall for some good looking place only to realise after you move it that it isn't so great and needs lots of work (not just redecorating)

So if I am out in the garden checking out the back of the house and looking at the roof, I am seriously considering making an offer.

I hate viewings where they just peep into a room rather than go in it and then they make an offer!!!!! They haven't even been in all the rooms!

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