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Parks/places for kids in Hove?

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allgonebellyup · 17/07/2008 09:41

Am thinking of moving to hove, but can only afford 3 bed flats with no gardens..the flat i particularly like is on Goldstone rd..anyone know if there are parks nearby?

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allgonebellyup · 17/07/2008 17:18


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iheartdusty · 17/07/2008 17:25

you would be under 10 minutes walk from 2 nice parks:
Hove Park - big, open, lovely playground (OK right up to teens), nice cafe, excellent for children's bike riding and kite flying;

Stoneham Park - small, tarmacy,(so good on wet days) nice little playground, revamped cafe, baseball for older kids. just next to the YMCA centre which has loads of youth activities

slightly further along is St Ann's Well Gardens - maybe 10-15 minutes - more leafy, loads of squirrels, great playground, excellent cafe

and of course you are less than 10 minutes from the sea front which is the biggest and best park of them all...

allgonebellyup · 17/07/2008 20:34


i know st Anns Well Gardens, have played tennis there, t'is very lovely.

Dont think i know the other parks though.

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