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noddyholder · 15/07/2008 10:18

I think i may have viewed a house in your road last night.Do you have amazing views?

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ListersSister · 15/07/2008 12:48

Er, yes!
Was it one on the south side, extended at the back? Nr the SV end?
What did you think?

noddyholder · 15/07/2008 14:42

No it was further up on the other side Was sold by avard but fell through at exchange!He has knocked 50k off to sell it quickly.It was really big but needs a lot doing thinking about it

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ListersSister · 15/07/2008 15:16

Hmm, near top of H*rfd Rd then? I am confused!
Isn't the hill a bit off putting? How big is the garden? Has it been extended? Are you tempted, or would you be expecting to get 50k off anyway

noddyholder · 15/07/2008 15:23

It is no 16 It has been extended.Backs obto b'ford Has a big garage for the drums etc.I would try to get another 30 0ff maybe but still not sure.Dp likes it.Also viewed the one off the lewes road it is a stunning house

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ListersSister · 15/07/2008 20:37

I am confused! Are we talking Hlbry Rs?

noddyholder · 15/07/2008 21:54


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ListersSister · 15/07/2008 23:04

I know no 12 (on the right as you go up) is on sale, with FandS, but not not no 16. Is the garage separate, coz it is a terrace, no? Still confused lol! Anyway, what do YOU think about the house?

noddyholder · 16/07/2008 08:52

sorry not 16 its 27 the garage is atb the end of the garden on b'ford road.I like the house just getting really hard to commit because I think we can get a better deal later but dp just wants us to settle and I understand that too.I do like the road though I have seen no12 but its a lot smaller.The one we viewed has brown windows and a bay at the front

OP posts:
ListersSister · 16/07/2008 13:52

Ah, I know the one! Didn't realise it was that big inside.
Tbh, imho, I reckon you should hang on if you can. Much as I like where we are, I see the houses as being practical rather than ideal iykwim, and not sure that Ho Rs really qualifies for dream house material...
I know you want this move to be your last for a while, but I am not sure that it meets your dream.
Plus, hang on for longer and you can get an even nicer house for your money, although I realise renting is really getting to be a pain now

noddyholder · 16/07/2008 14:03

We are beginning to realise that in Brighton for our money we may never get a dream house and tbh I am not as bothered as i was!We do need to get settled soon ish as dp and ds are getting fed up.Dp has no drums which is serious for him we can't have friends over or anything.We are going on holiday on 10 august and after we get back dp says we have to find somewhere and thats that!

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ListersSister · 16/07/2008 14:12

I know what you mean about Brighton - for the size of the place there are few nice houses, with parking, proper gardens, in decent areas. The majority of houses have to compromise on something. Those that don't are in such demand that the price will always be at the top end of the market. It is a big pita, and something I have come to recognise myself in the last year or so. We should have bought in Florence Rd in 1996 lol!
As you know, I like where we live. There are nicer places, but a garden, garage, parking, close to bus route, close to 5ways and a house that meets your neeeds, plus fab views - well that's pretty good, eh?
Can I ask how much it is on for?

noddyholder · 16/07/2008 14:19

It was on for 285 and he got 270 but they pulled out.he has a guide of about 230 in mind but if he doesn't sell in the next 2 weeks he is going to sell it to one of those companies which buy it really quickly.I would need to do a fair bit to make it nice but have told dp I am thinking about it

OP posts:
ListersSister · 16/07/2008 14:33

230 sounds like a good deal Why do they need to sell so quickly?

noddyholder · 16/07/2008 14:37

He bought a house and has 2 mortgages and the other one fell through at exchange.He has the HIPS and survey.There are a few bits to do at the back but i would probably want to redesign the extension anyway.Dp totally seduced by the garage which he could convert to a studio

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ListersSister · 16/07/2008 14:43

Hmm, interesting. It sounds pretty promising given all you've said. I haven't seen it back on the market (ie rightmove) - is there much interest? Would you be prepared to go for what he is asking? Will you wait until after the hols and then make him an offer if it is still available? Has he told you what his deadline is for selling it on the open market?
What's the extension like?(as you know we are seriously considering one lol!). I assume as you were looking at the HRW one, that you have some leeway in your budget to do work on it...
Interesting times

noddyholder · 16/07/2008 14:55

It is not on righhtmove he is selling it privately.It is a lot cheaper than other houses we've looked at.He wants offers by the end of the month and it has to be cash

OP posts:
noddyholder · 16/07/2008 14:57

The kitchen is extended in an l shape and you can access the breakfast bot via the living room too.I think I woould block the doors from the living room up so that both areas were seperate.The breakfast room and part of the kitchen extension have flat roofs so i would remove those aswell and make them pitched with velux windows.It has areally sweet garden and the 2 main bedrooms are good sizes.These particular houses are different to others we've seen in the area.

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ListersSister · 16/07/2008 16:34

Is in on the rental market atm - I am sure I have seen it recently - Massey maybe? Could that make the sellers position different perhaps?
It sounds good though. The houses are not a bad size, but do need more space downstairs, so the fact that most of the work that you might want has been done is in its favour.
Good luck with your decision!

noddyholder · 16/07/2008 16:36

he had no luck renting

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