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Can anyone recommend a place where I can buy cheap kids bedroom furniture pls?

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Discomonkfish · 12/07/2008 22:32

Hi there, I need to buy a new wardrobe, bedside table, dressing table and chest of drawers for my dd. I want to get something that looks girly but not really garish. I can't get over how expensive the room sets are. Can you recommend any unusual websites, I've tried Ikea, Habitat, all the ebay and google search results, Woolworths, Argos, Littlewoods etc....HELP!

OP posts:
gemmiegoatlegs · 12/07/2008 22:34

aspace are beautiful but a little more on the expensive side. GLTC?

JackieNo · 12/07/2008 22:35

WHat was wrong with the Ikea stuff? don't just look at the kids' stuff - no reason why you can't go for adult ranges, imo - except possibly for a dressing table. Argos?

JackieNo · 12/07/2008 22:40

DD has the wardrobe from this range, which also has a bedside table and chest of drawers.

Discomonkfish · 12/07/2008 22:57

Hi there, yes had a look at these and the Hemnes range thanks

OP posts:
Fimbo · 12/07/2008 23:08

Snap Jackie!

I am going back shortly to get more items in the range for ds.

Fimbo · 12/07/2008 23:09

We also have an MFI wardrobe in our spare room. Tis crap.

Ikea wins hands down every time.

If you want cheap then Ikea is the only option.

BadHair · 12/07/2008 23:12

Have you thought of using Freecycle then painting the furniture to a colour scheme that you like? Not as convenient as getting everything in one go but the bonuses are that the furniture is probably already put together, so you don't have to muck about with flat pack, and you can spend all the time and money you saved on buying flatpack to make it look unique.

TwoFir · 13/07/2008 14:20

vertbaudet stuff is cute
mixed with ikea maybe to keep the costs down

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