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Furnished letting - what has to be provided mandatorily?

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toddlerhip · 09/07/2008 16:00

Anyone know what has to be provided legally in a fully furnished property?

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claricebeansmum · 09/07/2008 16:01

I don't expect there is a law - but the amount of rent you can command will depend on what you are providing and the quality.

I think that it is just a marketing term. AST have no reference to what furniture - that's on the inventory.

LIZS · 09/07/2008 16:04

I think it is pretty subjective , no actual legal requirements but whatever is on the inventory. Usually it might include white goods in kitchen ,sofas, beds and wardrobes. Anything soft such as sofa, beds , curtains has to meet flammability standards. All electrical goods should have been inspected and an annual gas safety cert issued for boiler/fire.

hf128219 · 09/07/2008 16:05

Well gas and electricity has to be checked and certified as safe - annually I think.

Also beds, sofas etc must be fire proof.

Smoke alarms too.

toddlerhip · 11/07/2008 00:00

Thanks all for these great tips.

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