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Looking for tips for a girls vintage theme bedroom, any ideas?

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crunch · 06/07/2008 15:59


I've searched just about as much as I can stand on the internet in search of inspiration for a girls vintage theme bedroom but can find very little. I've entered every imaginable search word and still coming up with nothing!

I'll admit to being very a little ignorant about the particular style/era I want to replicate so I'm hoping some of you ladies can help me.

I've decided on a lovely reproduction bedroom set from next and I have a beautiful, minature water pitcher and wash bowl and an old pram and porcelin (sp?) doll. I have picked out some lovely toile wall paper too but I don't want to put something in the room that doesn't fit it's intended image, like a tv or modern lamp but I'm not sure what does fit without mixing up periods (should have concentrated more in history class)

Any ideas?


OP posts:
PeaMcLean · 06/07/2008 16:45

Sounds amazing but I take it you've got a separate playroom for toys, if you don't want anything out of place in there.

What else do you want to put in there? Is it a lamp you're looking for? I wouldn't worry too much about mixing up periods. Victorian rooms for instance would have been very eclectic anyway.

noddyholder · 06/07/2008 17:33

I think it might be good to add a few diferent pieces as otherwise vintage can become a bit museumy and over styled.Keep accessories white and unfussy and maybe put up a thick white floating shelf with a slim unobtrusive tv on it.How old is she?

janeite · 06/07/2008 17:43

It sounds gorgeous. Being utterly opposed to TVs in bedrooms anyway, I'd say don't have a TV in there at all. How old is she? Bunting can look nice and is available in quite a few pieces now. White Company plain white bedlinen would be sweet, or maybe one of the more subtle Cath Kidston designs, if it doesn't clash with the toile.

SIBLINGRIVALRY · 06/07/2008 17:54

You can get some really pretty chandelier-type lights in TK maxx for the overhead light. My DD have a lovely pink one, just small with a few glass droplets. I also made them some bunting in Laura Ashley/Cath Kidston type fabrics, along with a fabric-covered notice board. To keep it eclectic, maybe you could use a selection of fabrics -vintage isn't 'matchy'. Good luck, it sounds like it's going to be lovely - love the sound of the pram.

lalalonglegs · 06/07/2008 18:07

Chintzy bedlinen with lots of cushions made from traditional fabrics such as mattress ticking and big cabbagey roses designs plus a very pretty old mirror. You can get cheap Victorian and Arts & Crafts beds on ebay in single sizes.

crunch · 08/07/2008 12:14

Hi, so sorry I'm only replying now. Thank you very much for the wonderful ideas. DD is 8.

The toys will be in a different room definately. The tv won't be going in either because there just wouldn't be an appropriate out-of-the-way place to hide it.

The furniture I've picked is reproduction and very new looking, would I be crazy to distress it a little?

Also what about the floor? Carpet or stained wood? It's my pure lack of knowledge of history that has me in a tissy. For instance do I put a 1920's style lamp in the room or one that looks like a gas lamp but obviously mains powered?

I don't really want it to look lavish like something out of a palice with guilded wall hangings but more simple, bright and pretty?

Cosy like granny's house used to be. She had no running water or great extravagance about her house but it was fairytale to me. I feel like a right idiot now

btw, dd loves the idea so it's not just because I want to be a child again (well not really but ssshhh! )

OP posts:
PeaMcLean · 08/07/2008 21:50

I think you need to get us a link to your lovely furniture. Can't comment further without it!

You could have all sorts of fun with this (or at least I could, I'm a bit of an anorak...) Visiting museums to check out particular periods, going to antiques fairs and looking things up on the internet. You never know, your DD could learn a lot from it.

crunch · 12/07/2008 12:40

Hi again Pea

TG for the weekend or I'd never get to MN!

I've searched the Next website for the collection but I can't find it. I know they have it because it's in their spring/summer '08 catalogue. It's the Rosie collection.

this is where I found the wallpaper and some other things but before I go buying any of it on the internet I think I'll follow your advice. I never thought of going to a museum or antiques fair. I'd have a lot of fun doing it too. I never paid any attention in school but really I always did find history class interesting. Of course the very hectic social life of a teenage girl got in the way of me actually retaining any of what I was taught

Thanks for the great ideas.

OP posts:
KerryMum · 12/07/2008 12:43

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

crunch · 12/07/2008 13:59

Hi Kerry

That's what the furniture I want is like though more cream than white but very bright and pretty I would think with the right accessories.

Am I right that you're in Ireland Kerry? If so can you think of or recommend anywhere I might get some inspiration, museums etc?

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