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What would you do with my bathroom?

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uberalice · 06/07/2008 14:28

My bathroom is in need of a facelift. At some point in the distant future we may gut it and start again, but for the moment we just need to tart it up a bit.

We're just about to put a black slate effect laminate down, and the suite is a light pink colour (I know, I know). The room is panelled to half height with a dark wood, and I'm thinking of painting it white or giving it a white wash. So should I paint the walls above the panels? And if so, what goes with pink, apart from ... pink?

Any ideas, tasteful, wacky, whatever, would be considered.

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RusselBrussel · 06/07/2008 15:06

I think with black slate floor and pink suite I would go white white white.
Whitewash the woodwork. Paint the walls above the woodwork white. And then accessorise with strong pink (think fuchsia pink) towels, soap dish etc to turn the pink into a statement.

peasoup · 06/07/2008 15:11

Pea green looks good with pink, kind of Kath Kidston shabby chic. Black floor, pea green wood panelling, pale pink walls.

uberalice · 06/07/2008 16:20

Hmm, thanks for the suggestions, I'm taking it all on board. Any more?

OP posts:
TrinityRhino · 06/07/2008 16:21

I'd take a crap in it

RubySlippers · 06/07/2008 16:23

i have very dark tiles, a white suite and HOT pink towels and accesories - it all works together

ivykaty44 · 06/07/2008 16:24

I would go with russellbrussel and then get some of these to make it fun butterflys in pink to match

ivykaty44 · 06/07/2008 16:26

Or these toadstools

nannyL · 06/07/2008 17:05

my bath room is babypink and white

my suite is white though and the walls / accesories are pink

Fizzylemonade · 06/07/2008 19:59

Just thought I would throw this into the mix - have you heard of Liquid Porcelain??? It is the latest thing to come onto the market. It has been promoted in Move or Improve and Housebuilding and Renovation Magazines.

I'm not saying for now but to anyone who likes their suite but not the colour.


Never do more than 3 colours in a room, so personally I would do the dark floor and then pick a pink that complements the bath colour. I think going for white shows that you are trying to hide the pink. Be proud of it!! (says me who ripped my pink suite and it's raspberry coloured flooring out and replaced it with a white suite)

When you use different shades of the same colour it is called tone on tone. It works very well.

uberalice · 06/07/2008 20:35

Thinking about stickers, I saw these in B&Q today and they look quite nice. They're supposed to be for kids' rooms, but I liked the colours and wonder if they'd look ok in a bathroom.

they look nicer in the smaller image


OP posts:
Anna8888 · 06/07/2008 20:39

Hmm... do you have to have a black floor (shows every speck of dust/hair etc)?

With the light pink suite, I think I'd have gone for a totally very very pale pink painted bathroom, with white towels/bathmat/blind and white tiled floor.

uberalice · 06/07/2008 20:55

Anna8888, we've just taken out a pale pink carpet that we inherited from the previous owners. It was covered with dark stains from hair dye (my fault) among other things. This is why I've chosen a dark colour. It's not plain black, it's speckled like slate, so it shouldn't be too bad for showing up specks of dirt.

OP posts:
Anna8888 · 06/07/2008 20:59

Carpet in bathrooms is horrible.

We have plain white floor tiles that are very easy to keep clean and look nice.

noddyholder · 06/07/2008 21:53

Agree with anna everything else white would be best.Black and pink is too harsh and 80s and laminate not as good as real tiles and not a huge price difference.Grey towels would l;ook good with the white.

uberalice · 06/07/2008 22:16

I have white tiles in my downstairs bathroom and I love them. They'd be my first choice here too, but I'm told that our floorboards aren't even enough and the tiles might break. Would a white laminate hide the hair dye drips? I'm starting to wonder about black now. Oh it's all up in the air.

OP posts:
Pannacotta · 06/07/2008 23:13

Also agree with Anna, would choose a paler floor, black and pink not a great combo and even speckled black is impossible to keep clean.
How about pale cream vinyl/lino for the floor(with some fleck in it for practicality)?
Paint the panelling and walls off white or cream and add posh towels in cream/pink/green, which would all look good.
Add a white heated towel rail and a cream wood venetian blind (from B&Q), a hot pink orchid, decent wall cabinet for storage and smart loo roll holder/towel rail etc.
The Samuel Heath Zenon range (from John Lewis) is v smart if tha appeals?

RusselBrussel · 07/07/2008 08:00

Agree with the anti-black floor brigade, but I assumed you had already bought the floor?
If not, then change it to white or cream.
Black and pink is not a great combo imo, black floors (even with speckle) are impossible to keep clean, and black and pink always remind me of the horrid playboy bunny logo...

noddyholder · 07/07/2008 08:22

You can tile an uneven floor and if you use marine ply first and use flexible adhesive and grout it won't crack.Just make sure you don't walk on it for a day.I have tiled many floors in old rickety houses and they are fine

uberalice · 07/07/2008 09:47

No,I haven't bought the floor yet. I went to get it yesterday but they didn't have enough in stock, so it must have been fate. I'll look for a white or cream instead, but I don't think I'm going to win the tiles argument in my house - this is just a tart up job, so the tiles might have to wait for the real makeover.

I'm still a bit worried about a white floor and hair dye though.

OP posts:
Anna8888 · 07/07/2008 09:51

Buy some cheap plastic sheeting and put it on the floor when you dye your hair (this is what my mother does).

uberalice · 07/07/2008 09:56

Yes, plastic sheeting would be sensible. OK, I'll try and sell the white idea to DH.

Anyone care to comment on my Russian Dolls?

OP posts:
Pannacotta · 07/07/2008 10:21

If you get cream vinyl floor tiles they are easy to mop (though agree that plastic sheeting is sensible when dying your hair).
Not sure about the Russian Dolls, verging on spooky IMH!
Would go for a simpler look if it were my house, aiming for a pretty and/or sophisticated scheme.
I think stickers are better for kids rooms or eg landings.

Pannacotta · 07/07/2008 10:22

Maybe something along these lines?

peasoup · 07/07/2008 12:08

Oh, didn't realise you hadn't already bought the black floor; GOOD! Black and pink a bit of a grim combination. Can you get the wood laminate flooring so it looks like wood flooring? then the floor isnt a prob as any colour scheme goes with a wood floor and it won't show the hair dye. I wouldn't do white walls, too harsh; a bit creamy, antiquey white better. Still think the pea green would be good whether it's the wood panelling or just the towels. Or pale blue pink and cream a good combo.

uberalice · 07/07/2008 22:29

My current thoughts are: Light floor (white tile effect), white panels / woodwork and walls painted with a tinge of duck-egg blue. Does that sound OK witht the pink suite?

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