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How much would you pay per day....

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swedishmum · 02/07/2008 19:05

Following on from my previous discussion about my cleaner's lovely student son doing some decorating for me , I thought dh had agreed a rate. Grrr. Apparently he didn't. That's just one problem of him being abroad. I know, I know but now I need to pay him on Friday.
Anyway, what do you think is a reasonable rate for a student from Warsaw working from about 9 - 5? I collect him after taking ds to school but don't take hime home. For comparison his mum's cleaning rate is £7ph and she's FANTASTIC. She said he'd be cheap but I'm not really sure. I'm providing materials etc.

OP posts:
lalalonglegs · 02/07/2008 19:22

Depends on where in the country you live and how fantastic a job he has done. I think it would be hard to find someone who wd do it for less than £100 a day in London.

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