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Repainting a cupboard

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MaggieW · 25/06/2008 13:47

I'm just about to paint the bathroom cupboards but not sure what preparation I need to do. They're already painted in a similar colour so do I need to sand and undercoat? Also what finish is best. I don't want gloss but not sure what the difference between satin and silk is, in paint terms.

OP posts:
whomovedmychocolate · 25/06/2008 21:51

Eggshell is a good option in these situations - go to the DIY store and ask them. Silk and satin aren't that different TBH, and actually I'd avoid both if I were you - eggshell is irridescent but easily cleanable. You can get paint specifically for cupboard doors which has an undercoat built in. Which only normally needs one coat (which matters when you have several cupboards to do and it takes 12 hours between coats!)

maidamess · 25/06/2008 21:53

def. sand to give a 'key' for the paint to stick to.

And if you want to be extra neat, sand lightly in between coats also.

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