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Buying land to build

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SpacePuppy · 24/06/2008 07:29

If you read this ad:

PLOT OF land for sale, built up area, 15 minutes South of Guilford in lovely Surrey village, perfect entrance, (not green belt or any conservation area). Good prospects for building

How likely will it be to get planning permission? The price is almost too cheap to be true!

OP posts:
Furball · 24/06/2008 08:10

Ring the local council concerned and ask them. They are usually really helpful and may shed some light on what you may be allowed to build there.

LIZS · 24/06/2008 08:18

Not guaranteed unless they have outline permission already - check with Planning Office as to likelihood of this being granted and for what size doemstic building.

SpacePuppy · 24/06/2008 08:54

Thanks will phone them.

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