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What colour should I paint my radiator?

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DaisySteiner · 23/06/2008 22:45

Just redecorated the stairs/hallway and need to decide what colour to paint the radiator - it really needs doing in something the question is, what. The walls are a sort of stone colour, skirting boards are an off-white (which we're not changing as I will get paint on the carpet!) but don't know what to do about the radiator - stone like the walls, off-white like the skirting board, or something else?

It's driving me mad - don't even get me started on curtains!

OP posts:
notasheep · 23/06/2008 22:46

Off white

Kbear · 23/06/2008 22:47


hana · 23/06/2008 22:47

either would be fine. Against white walls we have same as skirtings (some shade of white)

but on 2 walls they are ssame as wall colour

I think in hallway do it same as wall colour, will blend in much better

harpomarx · 23/06/2008 22:48

same as walls, definitely.

unless it's one of those fancy or old fashioned ones, then maybe same as skirting board. maybe.

Personally I would paint the skirting board the same colour as walls. You won't get paint on the carpet. Repeat, you won't

harpomarx · 23/06/2008 22:48

kbear is not taking this seriously, is she.

Kbear · 23/06/2008 22:50

Sorry, meant to say off-white.

Kbear · 23/06/2008 22:50
PInkyminkyohnooo · 23/06/2008 22:51

I always paint the radiator the same colour as the wall it's against, that way it's not made into a feature, unless it's a lovely antique, as Harpo says.

DaisySteiner · 24/06/2008 17:23

Bumping for any more opinions

OP posts:
Smileymoo · 24/06/2008 20:35

Stone like the walls. You can buy a base paint for radiators that then allows you to put the same paint as wall over it. Result: radiator blends in with wall, barely noticeable.

DaisySteiner · 24/06/2008 21:55

I will go with the majority opinion then and paint it stone. Thanks all!

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