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conservatory quotes and haggling

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mustsleep · 10/06/2008 10:07

yay!! i can finally give the go ahead for them to start the conservatory so it will defo be finished before lo arrives (sept) which is a big releif

does anyone think this is cheeky though

  • they have quoted us £10k for conservatory and front door

and then we decided we wanted a window a the front that will need cutting in so they quoted us £10k for the conservatory and the window -

the sales man is calling me back this afternoon and i am going to say that we would like to go ahead straight away i have the deposit and will be paying cash on completion but would like the conservatory, window and door doing for £10K

is this too much to ask ? i hate doing stuff like this please advise or could i word it better etc

we have had another quote from someone else for £9800 for the conservatory with the windowbut they have yet to put the quote in writing etc even though it has been requested several time
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mustsleep · 10/06/2008 11:48
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