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I don't like my new kitchen! Any advice?

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HappyDuck · 09/06/2008 22:19

just had my new kitchen fitted and I don't like it:-( I am now thinking of making some changes which will cost me around £1000. Should I do this? Has anyone else here experienced the sadness I am going through looking at my dream kitchen..only it isn't a dream:-( I am so sad.

OP posts:
saadia · 09/06/2008 22:19

what do you not like about it?

Tinker · 09/06/2008 22:19

What's wrong iwth it?

MadBadandDangeroustoKnow · 09/06/2008 22:23

Is this just the shock of the new? Do you need a few more days to take stock?

madcol · 09/06/2008 22:26

My mum did the same - planned it from stratch, then upset when not exactly as she saw it in her head.
Would you like it if you bought you house/flat with it already there?

annh · 09/06/2008 22:43

And if you tell us what you don't like about it, can you also tell us what the planned changes are and what proportion of the cost to date that represents?

luminarphrases · 09/06/2008 22:55

changing or painting door cabinets can make a huge amount of difference- unless that's not the problem of course. otherwise, we hated our kitchen but changed the door knobs and painted the cabinets, it worked a treat

SpeccieSeccie · 10/06/2008 21:52

HappyDuck - I so understand this! It happened to me once with wallpaper. Slightly less of a deal than a kitchen, I know, but the feeling of disappointment was really grim.

Can you change accessories like door handles? Or even whole doors? Re-tile? Repaint? What's it like at the moment?

Don't despair, the expensive things about a kitchen are usually the units and not the stuff you can see. There will be ways of softening what you've got. And like MBADTK mentioned, might some of this might just be shock?

HappyDuck · 11/06/2008 01:00

Ok this is the problem with my kitchen....the oven and cooker are at opposite ends of the room and I am finding it a bit of nightmare getting from end of the room to the other. I feel that if I move the oven to the same side as the cooker, it will be alot easier me to cook. I'll the also be able to fit the fridge where the oven is currently, allowing me to then have adequte space to move around. The kicthen was fitted back in March and I still don't like it. Discussed with DH and he doesn't want to spend the money but then he's not the one who has to cook, :-( and right now, I just feel I am all over the place in the kitchen! Does this make sense?

OP posts:
BoyzntheShire · 11/06/2008 01:17

you sound like an unhappy duck to me.
tis a terrible pity that the proof of the design of a thing is in using it when its done and paid for, eh?
start saving, i say.

Tinker · 11/06/2008 19:18

Oh, that sounds very troublesome. Am on your side here. Dare not ask but, who designed it this way?

Lauriefairycake · 11/06/2008 19:20

you've definitely given it enough of a chance in 3 months.

I would change it, 'tis daft to have the cooker and the oven at opposite ends of the room.

lalalonglegs · 11/06/2008 19:22

Crap design - if you got professional advice on it, I would be asking them to refund cost of moving items around. Shouldn't cost very much though, surely?

blithedance · 11/06/2008 22:36

How is it £1000 to do those changes? Have you any DIY experts in family who can do a bit of expert botching?

Do you have to re-route a gas supply or something for the oven?

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