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ok bore me with kitchen ideas Ikea only tho' blank canvas I am LOST

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Piffle · 09/06/2008 12:59

Fark having no choice is better than any choice...
Basically floor being redone afetr leak - insurance job, so we are redoing kitchen. Ikea due to cost mainly plus we like it, plus we are plannign to sell after "recession" etc

So what do we do.
Glossy red on legs not plinths?
Timeless oak?
White with wood floor and work tops?
DArk with white worktops?

I am not sure I have any taste
I am not happy with cleaningfloor every 5 mins so we achoosing karndean pref oak shades or dark wood
Or if tiles soapstone/sandstone etc..
but am open to stunningly stylish folks suggestions..
Big kitchen diner too units on 3 sides
am haivng induction hob and new oven and atm we have big american fridge freezer which prob has to go for taller thinner ff.

HELP! have 4 days to decide
Hit me with it

OP posts:
crumpet · 09/06/2008 13:03

For me: not red. Also am too lazy to clean the dust/food build up under the units several times a day so would have to be plinths.

Like the idea of white/wood

midnightexpress · 09/06/2008 13:04

Only thing I'd say if you're planning to buy Ikea is to check that whoever is fitting it (if not Ikea) is OK with Ikea kitchen - a lot of joiners won't fit them, because they are apparently a bit of a nightmare - there's no void at the back which makes it v awkward with pipes, skirting etc.

Having said all that, I'd personally avoid legs because kickboards prevent dirt and stuff getting underneath which you'd end up having to clean all the time.

Dark wood sounds nice with glossy red kitchen though. I wouldn't do tiles, as everything you drop will smash to smithereens.

Gipfeli · 09/06/2008 13:07

Definitely get plinths (MIL likes no plinths because "you can clean under them", man woman, life's short enough without having to clean under cupboards)

Get lots of drawers. Lots. Have all drawer units for the floor units if you can.

When we get our new kitchen next year we will be having a white one (kitchen is north facing, small and dark)

singingmum · 09/06/2008 13:09

Have just had the oak kitchen and must say it's gorgeous we have put black worktops on and it looks perfect though would work with light worktop if kitchen dark.We have a light in eve,dark in morn kitchen and it looks good in every light.Would go with kickboards as had to survive without for about 2 weeks and was amazed at what gets under there.Was thanking all that exists when they were finally done.
Also if thinking of selling simple colours rather than wild or bright apparently sell well as people like natural and neutral.
Not expert but hope that helps

singingmum · 09/06/2008 13:11

We installed kitchen ourselves(between family) and was easy.My dp's grandfather used to be a builder and was extremely impressed both with the units and the cost.

stuffedaubergine · 09/06/2008 13:12

why not do the all movable stuff
ie not fitted
it looks really really nice

MrsBadger · 09/06/2008 13:16

wood-look floor
cream or white units - glossy if you can live with fingerprints, matte if not
dark wood- or stone-look worktop

then if you like you can paint the walls an exciting colour that'll be easy to change when you're fed up, unlike (eg) red cupboards

and def plinths for ease of sweeping

yes to deep drawers in base units, but cupboard under sink for the pull-out sorting bin thing

Piffle · 09/06/2008 13:37

wow thanks!
don't mind legs at all. Don't mind plinths but cleaning them is hideous.
cannot fit ikea freestanding on here or would have been first choice.
am I right in thinking glossy White? Oak floor and Worktop is ok? Similar dark wood and dark worktop?
karndean is not tiles as in ceramic its special poncetastic vinyl made to look like wood/tiles/marble whatever.
Ikea are fitting it btw. Our joiner says he can do ikea but is away when we need it done.
ok if plinths then White?

OP posts:
Piffle · 09/06/2008 13:41

oh kitchen very light two big windows v sunny til 3pm and two doors. One from hallway also very light and outside door too.

OP posts:
Kewcumber · 09/06/2008 13:41

plinths with a 14 month old - otherwise you will spend your life fishing things out from under the kithcen units (voice of experience speaking)

Saw Karndean soapstone with beige grouting strips at the weekend - they looked great with plain white units and very thick oaky coloured worktops. It was a beautiful house

Kewcumber · 09/06/2008 13:42

I have white gloss MFI shaker style untis - very practcial very easy to keep clean with glossy cherrywood laminate worktop and light laminate floor.

Kewcumber · 09/06/2008 13:44

no not white plinths they'll show every scuff - mine are dull silver metallic (with a kind of stripe built in)

laidbackinengland · 09/06/2008 13:44

wood/white for me too

Kewcumber · 09/06/2008 13:44

karndean soapstone looked very nice with wood worktop.

Piffle · 09/06/2008 14:01

kew am liking the very dark karndean wood floor a lot... Can see it looking fab with glossy white units and maybe dark worktop?
what colour plinths though
am excited as am finally seeing a solution!!!! Thank you all so much

OP posts:
Kewcumber · 09/06/2008 14:04

if your kitchen is very bright you will get away with dark floor (same woman with kithcen had very light living room with darkish walnutty colour floor, v v lovely).

Don;t fancy alumium plinths then?

MrsMattie · 09/06/2008 14:05

If you're planning on selling soon, go for something neutral. White with wood worktops seems to be the 'modern classic' choice at the moment. Anything too strong and 'statement-ey' sometimes puts prospective buyers off.

Piffle · 09/06/2008 14:06

finding it hard to imagine. Distinct lack of vision here lol currently have grey ones on buttery units and not impressed but lighter silvery might be better...

OP posts:
mumblechum · 09/06/2008 14:06
FeelingEvil · 09/06/2008 14:31

Either glossy red or white with dark wood worktop would be lovely. However, not something I would personally go for because of fingerprints - I know it's not my kitchen, but just thinking about prospective buyers when you come to sell.

If you're going for a new oven, can I recommend a pyroletic (sp?) oven. We bought one when we had our kitchen done, and am discovering the joys of Mr Muscle-free oven cleaning.

Also, if your kitchen is wide enough, I'd go for wider than your 60cm standard width worktops - you can fit more junk kitchen gadgets on them without losing valuable work space.

Piffle · 09/06/2008 14:34

yes thanks already liking wider worktops handy as can then set cabinets forward a bit. No worries room plenty big enough.
am moving from gas range cooker ( space thief under used never need 8 bloody burners!!!!) to ikea one with yes pyrolytic cleaning!!

OP posts:
bundle · 09/06/2008 14:35

have you done your kitchen triangle?

Piffle · 09/06/2008 14:36

surely quick wipe with dishcloth and e cloth will sort gloss?White oddly less obvious for fingermarks then red. We checked yesterday with grubby 15mths old ds2 and sticky fingered dd 5.5 y
impressed as had discounted gloss

OP posts:
Piffle · 09/06/2008 14:38

yes bundle the layout is one further headache... But were getting there... Slowly but with two doors two windows we are hampered by having no one complete run of units...

OP posts:
Kewcumber · 09/06/2008 14:39

can't see any fingerprints on my white units and I have a toddler and it gets a cursory wipe once a week (but then we use the handles )

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