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Those of you with solid wood floors...

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spudcounter · 28/05/2008 12:28

Did you remove your skirting before having it laid...or have you got some sort of beading to hide the expansion gap? Does it look okay? If we remove the skirting I suspect the plaster on our Victorian walls will come off

OP posts:
Flier · 28/05/2008 12:29

we used beading, it looks fine.

nervousal · 28/05/2008 12:42

we had out skirting board removed - but were in relatively new house so wasn't so difficult. I personally think beading looks awful, so if you can remove your skirtings I do it.

WonderingWhy · 28/05/2008 12:48

I haven't ever thought about getting wooden flooring to put in, I suppose I've always thought you kind of used the boards that were already there. Then you don't need to remove anything.
We have nasty laminate here (leaving soon!) and it has no beading and there are awful gaps round the edges - looks shite

I think you'd need beading or something.

mummyjaguar · 28/05/2008 16:33

We had solid wood flooring put in and had to have the skirting boards removed. our plaster fell off and had to be patched in. Still far better than beading since the beading is generally laminate stuff even for solid wood boards and you can never get an exact colour match.

Ledodgy · 28/05/2008 16:37

We have white beading to match the skirting boards I think beading looks better if it matches the skirting boards rather than brown like the floor. The brown beading is always dodgy in colour.

pofaced · 28/05/2008 16:38

we had baeding in Victorian house and it really didn't look great... we've since moved and out down wooden floor and removed skirtings but still had to bead around hearth and it (hearth) looks a bit off!

Ledodgy · 28/05/2008 17:23

If you have a hearth definately remove it if you can and lay floor underneath we did this and put a lining under hearth to protect the floor it is a much better finish and if anyone wants to remove hearth in the future the floor will be fine.

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