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Help me to find a new kitchen

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mummyjaguar · 22/05/2008 15:22

We are moving house and I will need a new kitchen since the existing one is freestanding and goign with the seller. We will be left with a large room approx 6m by 6m in an 1850s house. I want something traditional but not twee.

Really like the Clive Christian one that is always in their adverts (that sort of posh country home look) but we looked at a house that had one and apparently it cost £70,000!!! . My budget is about £20k (although if I can spend less then great). Can anyone help me find some things that might be suitable. Need to do some rough budgeting and haven't the time to trawl the internet.

OP posts:
PixelHerder · 24/05/2008 16:03

No advice I'm afraid as we haven't ever put one in, but will be doing so sometime over the next year so am interested!

There's a kitchen thread on the go here

mummyjaguar · 26/05/2008 13:29


Need help. I don't know where to start

OP posts:
cupsoftea · 26/05/2008 13:30

check out ikea you can download their kitchen planner & off you go.

JackieNo · 26/05/2008 13:33

We have a kitchen from John Lewis of Hungerford (not the same as the department store!). It's the Artisan one, and it's been in for a good 9 years now, and still looks great. V well made, imo. Not sure what prices are like these days - ours cost around £8,000, I think, but that was a while ago!

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