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Advice wanted - all suggestions greatly received!!

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bobblehat · 16/05/2008 08:31

Ok, this is a bit long. I could just do with a bit of advise about this from people who are not involved.

So, situation is DH has a new job 150 miles away. Our house has been on the market for 5 weeks and we've not had anyone around even to look.

Dh is currently stopping with my parents, but this is not ideal, as it is still about 50 miles away from where he is based.

It's costing us a fortune in fuel, and really we all want to be together. So, can anyone think of a way around this?

I know the obvious thing would be to rent this one out and move into rented down there, but this is not ideal for finacial reasons (dh gets a fab relocation package which is only valid if we sell this an buy down there, not to mention the hassle of moving the mortgage) and practical - I don't want ds's to be moving schools too much.

So, is the market that bad (we're in Yorks) and should we change estate agents? Are they all in the same situation? And does anyone have any ideas about how we're all going to get down to start our new lives?

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uberalice · 16/05/2008 08:32

Are you sure you've got the right asking price?

noddyholder · 16/05/2008 08:48

Out price anything in a similar style/price/location and just shift it like that and then try to get at least 10% off on your new purchase.I think to sell atm it has to be a bargain

mumoftwo37 · 16/05/2008 08:52

Buy new and see if they will take yours. Some builders do part excahnge as an incentive.

bobblehat · 16/05/2008 09:27

The asking price is fine - we're 10K under anything similar in the area, and it's a bog standard new 4 bed detached so I'm pretty much comparing like to like.

We have looked into part exchange, but the area is quite rural so there are not many new builds about.

thanks for your comments.

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