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I have a lovely builder - he is fab

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KatyMac · 08/05/2008 20:30

He has done a few jobs for me - some big some small

He did a job or 2 for my parents

He has three times come round to look at the nursery give me advise and price for the job

Each time it fell through

So I wanted to keep him on side so I gave him some money for doing the quotes etc (bascially I have another one for him to do & I felt I was taing the piss a bit)

& he has just texted to say he is convinced I will get a nursery up & running and when I do - & he will do the work & he will charge me less (by the amount I gave him)

So he has faith in me & he won't over charge me

I feel warm inside

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funnypeculiar · 08/05/2008 20:31

Ah, lovely

KatyMac · 08/05/2008 20:40

That's what I thought

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