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what's the distance between your sink and cooker?

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spudcounter · 02/05/2008 08:24

our newly designed (not yet built) kitchen is measuring a diagonal 9ft between the sink and cooker. Is this too big a distance (thinking hot pans, draining carrots) room to put a prep sink near cooker. Do I have to thinknabout redesigning?

OP posts:
CantSleepWontSleep · 02/05/2008 08:26

Ours are on opposite sides of the kitchen (est about 9 foot), with an island in between them! Never caused us a problem. Our fridge is in another room altogether, so we're probably not so ergonomically friendly!

belgo · 02/05/2008 08:27

Mine are next to each other. it makes draining boiling water away very safe, especially with small children around.

SquonkTheBeerGuru · 02/05/2008 08:29

If you stand at the cooker then turn round 180 degrees, you are at the sink (you don't move your feet, you understand, you just swivel your body around)

It's ok but sometimes you assume that it is actually nearer than it is and you drip water all over the floor.

I would love just a leeeeetle bit more space in my kitchen.

Gobbledigook · 02/05/2008 08:31

Cooker is nowhere near sink in my kitchen either. I just make sure all the kids are out of the kitchen if I'm moving hot water from cooker to sink.

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