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Advice and opinions please(and thank you in advance)

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justincase · 23/04/2008 21:35

OK i am a mn reg but don't want to be recognised for this please for many reasons...but really do need advice as i said last time i moved it would be the last time(have only ever moved twice since being with dh but now have children in the equation as well and it is for the needs of one of my children that we have to re locate)

so the questions are:

property(we have seen from outside only and will arrange a viewing)has been on the market since last summer, priced at £185,000
Question 1(without knowing any more info) "what would you offer now...?"

Two similar properties have been sold since 2006, so 2006 price was £160,000, 2007 price was £163,250
but this property has had a ground floor extension but will need some work doing all over, namely the extension has a flat roof-that would have to go, it is only partly central heated this would need to be upgraded, it needs cavity wall and loft insulation too(as it is very poor on ratings)
so Question 2 "how much is that all likely to cost?"
this is in the north of england

thanking you all in advance and hoping with wise mnetters advice we will ring for a viewing knowing other people's views xx

OP posts:
Monkeybird · 23/04/2008 21:39

Qu1 no idea

Qu2: central heating upgrade - depends on what you need but expect between 2-5k for boiler, plus radiators etc - at the upper end if you need new pipework everywhere

cavity wall and loft insulation currently seems to be offered (eg by British Gas) for a couple or few hundred quid each, so imagine 500-700 quid in total?

Dunno about roof.

justincase · 23/04/2008 21:51

thanks monkeybird

OP posts:
Jackstini · 23/04/2008 22:13

Would offer 170, then maybe up to 175 at a push. With the flat roof thing too you could easily spend 10k
With all the stuff done, would you say it is worth 185?

stirlingmum · 23/04/2008 22:18

If it has been on the market since last summer they may take alot less.
Could you speak to agents and find out if other offers have been made and rejected?
I would start low and offer £165k - Worst case, they can only say no!!

noddyholder · 23/04/2008 22:26

165 first and decide a max and stick to it.Also don't come back with a second offer immediately wait and offer a few k extra maybe 2 days later.Unless it is dream house in which case you will offer whatever it takes but would expect at least 10% off as property is generally 30% over atm

mymatemax · 23/04/2008 22:48

You may well qualify for free loft insulation & cavity wall if your child has sn.
We qualified but the house didn't iykwim.

justincase · 23/04/2008 23:02

oh thanks everyone for your messages-

i am so nervous about this (as where we live now 'was' our dream home but is not suitable for the needs of our child)

but at least with this property the children can remain at their primary school

oh and did i mention that the property is currently empty?

if i thought we could get it at 165 then it would be ideal(as then would have the extra 20 to get the work done no problem)

have been on various sites this eve, mainly thanks to the links from the property threads
, so thanks again mumsnet-keep posting to me and i will let you know(and ask for more advice)

OP posts:
NorthernLurker · 24/04/2008 16:36

I was thinking around 170 000 sounds reasonable. That fits roughly with our current experience as a buyer and seller - we are in the North as well. So start a bit below that - Good Luck

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