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Surveyors-why are they always

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wooga · 17/04/2008 14:03

late by at least 2 hours?

Or have I just been unlucky both times?

The last one turned up 2.5 hours late (turned up when I was trying to get tea made after school),this one should have been here at 12!

Am stressed out about whether this sale will go smoothly as last buyers pulled out quite late on in the sale,am selling to move into rented following split from dh and am sick of all the stress.

I want to be here to keep an eye on them as the last one put several holes in my dining room wall and didn't think of consulting me first!

Sorry bit of a rant!

OP posts:
wooga · 17/04/2008 14:12

Just got a phone call,they'll be here in 20 mins-2.5 hrs late again!very strange.

OP posts:
TwoFirTreesToday · 17/04/2008 14:23

mine was a day late! its not just you

wooga · 17/04/2008 15:39

A day!They seem to have their own time zone!

Well, he's been and gone-wasn't here long!

I just hope that was a good sign.....the idea of these buyers pulling out as well doesn't bear thinking about.

OP posts:
FoghornLeghorn · 17/04/2008 15:41

My surveyor was due today between 12.30 and 5..... helpful !
He arrived at 12.35, I was most pleased

wooga · 17/04/2008 15:46
OP posts:
NorthernLurker · 17/04/2008 18:55

mine said he would be round at 9.30 and he was - he also said he would ne there for 3 hours! He was right about that as well!

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