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How much do you top removals men?

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Pannacotta · 16/04/2008 16:42

There are five of them, doing all the packing (but no unpacking), two day move.
Any ideas how much we should tip them?
(They are quite nice and dont have BO, unlike last time!!)

OP posts:
hecate · 16/04/2008 16:44

topping your removal men is a bit extreme!

dunno. a tenner? (I'm one of these horrible horrible people who doesn't tip people for doing their job.)

StripeyKnickersSpottySocks · 16/04/2008 16:49

DH tipped our two removal men £40 when we moved 5years ago. Must admit I was a bit suprised - the actual bill for removal was £250 so it wasn't like we were moving from a huge house.

I'd have tipped £20! But then it was the hottest day ever on record so awful conditions to be lugging furniture in. I did keep buying them cans of lemonade as well.

Twinkie1 · 16/04/2008 16:49

Couple of crates of beer did it for ours - they were thrilled!

glucose · 16/04/2008 16:52

I have moved a number of times but I have never tipped the removal men. I didnt realise I was supposed to be tipping them

TuttieFruttie · 16/04/2008 17:03

One of my boys works for a removal company, he is on minimum wage and while they dont expect to get a tip, he is so grateful when he does. The way the housing market is at the moment, he has no work for two weeks and is desperate to find something else.

TuttieFruttie · 16/04/2008 17:05

Don't think I would be happy with someone topping him though

Dottydot · 16/04/2008 17:05

OMG - we just moved and I never even thought of tipping them. Have just exclaimed this in horror to dp and she reminded me we did buy them lunch...

They'll be moving our stuff into our new house soon (I hope), so can tip them then.

The things you learn on Mumsnet..!

BettySpaghetti · 16/04/2008 17:12

I think we gave ours £50 (6 yrs ago) -they'd had a really long day as access to our house is not exactly run of the mill (and I don't think their boss had warned them what lay ahead) and they still had to drive 60 miles back home.

They were brilliant though -when they did the packing they advised me to do things I hadn't thought of eg. get a box of things together like Calpol, toys, spare clothes for DD, who was 2 at the time, in case there was a delay or the stuff was needed.

MrsMattie · 16/04/2008 17:13

We didn't tip them, but we bought them their brekkie from the local cafe afterwards.

PixelHerder · 16/04/2008 17:30

From memory I think we tipped £20 each to the two guys who did our last (1 day) move.

Pannacotta · 16/04/2008 18:41

whoops, really must preview my posts !
The move is costing about £1400 so not sure what is right really, £20 each is a bit much was thinking maybe £50 for all of them, mmm

OP posts:
Smileymoo · 19/05/2008 19:07

I'd say a tenner for each guy per day - assuming you're happy with them.

2point4kids · 19/05/2008 19:10

My brother works as a removal guy.
He is young and poor. Gets paid bugger all.
For a removal that takes him all day he gets on average £20 tip.
He really relies on it, and I'd say he definitely earns it. Its hard work!!

2point4kids · 19/05/2008 19:13

Give them £20 each if they've taken good care of your furniture and done a professional job. Its a £1400 job and I bet your furniture is worth a small fortune all added up.
Thats a less than 10% tip...

RubySlippers · 19/05/2008 19:15

we gave ours £60 (3 of them)

they were excellent and they re-assembled DS's cot when we go to the new house

SNoraWotzThat · 19/05/2008 19:16

Never had anyone do the packing - the joy of five men in house doing my packing would send me in a girly tizz fit.

Haven't moved for years but I guess the tips depends on how much stuff you have to shift too. Dh always goes to tip them I'm sure it would be at least £10 each person. I make bacon butties etc and lots of tea of course.

annh · 19/05/2008 19:21

When we moved three years ago, we gave the foreman £100 to divide up however he wished. We had five guys pack but when we unpacked in the afternoon, several other guys turned up as they had finished other, smaller jobs so we decided to let him sort it out. He said it all went into one pot to be divided up and he seemed well impressed with the amount!

HarrietTheSpy · 20/05/2008 23:56

We're paying nearly £2K to move about a mile away. They are packing the house...but I have to say that I despaired of the idea we had to offer a tip on top of it all. And I'm a Yank, so used to tipping...oh dear, I guess I'm being a bit cheap.

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