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Sofits and facias, has anyone had them done recently?

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Fizzylemonade · 16/04/2008 12:09

I am just looking to see how much they cost to give me a figure, I know all properties are different sizes etc but I don't want the hard sell from a company.

I'm in West Yorkshire for my sins

We probably wouldn't be looking to do them but if (fingers crossed) we can move then we know it is something that will need doing in the next 2 years and would come up on the survey. I want to be able to head off any questions from buyers.

OP posts:
PixelHerder · 16/04/2008 14:52

Do you mean painted or replaced? We had ours painted recently (right the way around the house) and I think it was about 1k-ish

PixelHerder · 16/04/2008 14:53

that included some drainpipes as well though

Fizzylemonade · 16/04/2008 16:10

Oooh that's good to know. Ours haven't been repainted since we moved in 4 years ago. They have peeling paint and if we were staying I would have them replaced with PVC white facia boards and sofits and black drain pipes.

Ours are currently brown, mmmm lovely

So to clarify, has anyone had any PVC ones done?


OP posts:
yomellamoHelly · 16/04/2008 16:24

Will let you know. Have a roofer coming round tomorrow with a view to getting a price for the whole shabang. We are in London area though.

FoghornLeghorn · 16/04/2008 16:26

My DH used to be rooflining which is facias and sofits, I'll ask him. What size is your house roughly, how many bedrooms? Detached ? Are the any gables ? (They are the pointy bits above some windows and front doors

RustyBear · 16/04/2008 16:31

We had ours done about four years ago, but it cost a lot more than it should because

(a) we had asbestos in there, which had to be taken out by specialists and

(b) when they removed the old soffits, they pulled the overflow pipe off the water tank in the loft & didn't bother to tell us, just pushed it back so it was resting just under the outlet - which is why we lost our kitchen ceiling the next summer...


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