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Moving house from an awkward location

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mrsmike · 13/04/2008 10:48

It's awkward for moving (though most picturesque to the buyers of course ) - we live up a narrow footpath, ok for cars and vans, but big removal lorry won't fit. I am getting worried about how we will move out on completion day - will we need a lot of small vans and do removal firms do this? Help! Has anyone else moved house from difficult location? tell me your horror stories

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ShinyPinkShoes · 13/04/2008 10:50

Ermm how did you move in?

mrsmike · 13/04/2008 10:55

Ah, it was different, the house was already ours but empty for years, so we had lots of time to ferry everything in to it in a smallish van - what is worrying me now is having to do it all in one day you see.

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RubySlippers · 13/04/2008 11:09

the removal company will be able to cope with this - lots of people live in "awkward" locations

just get plenty of quotes and go through it in detail with them

mrsmike · 13/04/2008 11:13

Oh do you think so? Thank you. I am losing sleep over this

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Fizzylemonade · 14/04/2008 14:20

How long is the path? Pickfords moved us from a house that you went down a footpath to get to and calculated the number of steps.

I think it was about 60 steps and they carried really heavy solid furniture from my house to the van.

Wasn't a problem. You can always get someone to come out and quote you for it.

ib · 14/04/2008 14:22

If necessary they will get a small van to shuttle up and down the path to a big lorry waiting at the end of it. That's what we did, I think.

cmotdibbler · 14/04/2008 14:24

At our previous house you just couldn't park a big lorry outside, so they put everything into a transit van, drove round the corner and put it in the big lorry. Pickfords quite used to it apparently.

BettySpaghetti · 14/04/2008 14:30

When you phone for a quote they should come to the house and look at access whilst there. I'm sure they've probably dealt with all sorts of access problems so will manage it no problem.

Our current house has non-strightforward access. We were moving from somewhere 60+ miles away, using a removals company from that area so had to explain the complicated access to the company (as they would have had to drive 60+ miles to see it for themselves).

On reflection it might have been better for us to have used a company from the town we were moving to so they could take a look at the difficult access at the house IYSWIM.

scaryteacher · 14/04/2008 15:48

I moved from a small village in Cornwall with limited access to a house in Brussels set back from the road, and no way the lorry could get up there (we did tell them this, but they ignored it!).

For the out of UK move, the removers parked a transit on the drive and filled it, then drove it up to the main road and the layby where the big lorry was parked. For the move into Brussels, they had to wheel stuff on a two wheeled trolley up a gravel drive, and then carry it up steps, or down a slope into the cellar.

Removers are used to this, don't sweat.

mrsmike · 14/04/2008 21:12

Thanks all, am feeling a bit less bovvered

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