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Anyone looking for a bargain in NW England?

16 replies

Haribosmum · 10/04/2008 09:04

A lovely 4 bed end of terrace with garden? Recently re-decorated with new carpets as well?

OP posts:
solo · 11/04/2008 16:14

Where exactly? and at what price?

Ledodgy · 11/04/2008 16:15

What Solo said.

Haribosmum · 12/04/2008 07:03

It's in Stacksteads which is in Lancashire near Bury and Burnley. Great Mway links for getting into Manchester etc. Valued at £130000 but we are willing to sell at £120000 for a quick sale.

OP posts:
mumo75 · 12/04/2008 09:57


solo · 12/04/2008 13:10

Haribosmum, why are you selling? I've looked on and primelocation, but can't find any property for the £130K mark.
Is it a house or flat and how many bedrooms etc. I'm seriously looking to move, but need to move to a no morgage or really small mortgage situation, so your price is fine, but need a fairly big property as that's what I have now except I only have 2 bedrooms and need at least 3.

solo · 12/04/2008 13:13

sorry, you did say 4 beds EOT already.

peanutbear · 12/04/2008 13:14

solo do you want to move to haydock 4 bedrooms for 140!!
actually is rented out at the mo

pud1 · 12/04/2008 13:52

hi haridosmum. i am in helmshore with an appartment on the market, its a nightmare. just not moving. market is knackered round here just like rest of country

Lizzylou · 12/04/2008 13:54

I am in Loveclough and have had house on market for about 8mths, nothing doing, could reduce but want to move to New Zealand (Wellington) so need our equity.

Am also sat in my Saturday job estate agent in Rawtenstall, very quiet! Just covering this branch today, but have had plenty of time to MN.

Haribosmum · 12/04/2008 21:43

Hi Solo. We have moved to New Zealand so need to sell. Sorry no pics at the moment but can arrange to view. Email me [email protected] if you want. PS its a HUGE house on 3 levels, a nice quiet cul-de-sac private road so great for kids.

OP posts:
WendyWeber · 12/04/2008 21:48

Why is everybody in Rossendale moving to NZ?

lilyloo · 12/04/2008 21:59

lol ww it's the rain , i live in Loveclough and dp from Leeds even he calls it rainsville

Haribosmum · 13/04/2008 04:57

Why not? LOL! The drought over here has well and truely broken today! Winter here we come

OP posts:
solo · 13/04/2008 10:09

Peanutbear, where is Haydock?

mum2jakeyroo · 13/04/2008 10:54

peanutbear. where in haydock? my parents live there and looking at poss moving back.

BexieID · 16/04/2008 19:22

Sounds perfect, but need something in Scotland, lol.

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