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would you buy a holiday cottage that overlooked a HUGE caravan park?

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JingleyJen · 26/03/2008 13:57

here if you click on the aerial photo link the caravans you can see over the garden fence are part of this huge caravan park

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JingleyJen · 26/03/2008 14:11


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MoreSpamThanGlam · 26/03/2008 14:15

I would have to go and look first to get the feel. some holiday parks are lovely. Some are scummy, so it depends. It also depends on the actual view.

JingleyJen · 26/03/2008 14:18

I don't think I mind them being close by but at the end of the garden.. just makes me wonder... I also think I want to know if they are owned by specific people that will return every year or general rentals .. I think I prefer the former as I think they are more likley to be respectful towards the neighbours.

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NomDePlume · 26/03/2008 14:20

no, i wouldn't. Caravans as far as the eye can see just aren't attractive. They don't fit my idea of a holiday idyll.

CountessDracula · 26/03/2008 14:21


nickytwotimes · 26/03/2008 14:22

No. Not that I could blardy afford one...

JingleyJen · 26/03/2008 14:23

it is such a pretty beach.... I know you are right.. was hoping someone would convince me they weren't an issue...

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NomDePlume · 26/03/2008 14:24

Even if you don't mind them, they will affect re-sale and overall value of your property

BigGitHamsterKillingDad · 26/03/2008 14:25

doesn't look very attractive to me seeing that at the end of the garden, what about the noise at night etc?

Pamina · 26/03/2008 14:31

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

wheresthehamster · 26/03/2008 14:34

Is it a good price compared to similiar properties in the area? If it is then the proximity is percieved to be a problem.
The first thing I would think of is rubbish coming over the fence (those vans may be a long way from the communal bin). Then noise - even if the caravan is privately owned most will rent out via the site and so won't vet the occupants. Also plans in the pipeline - e.g. a new clubhouse sited near you.

Can you ask the neighbours?

Squiffy · 26/03/2008 14:36

No. you will never sell it.

JingleyJen · 26/03/2008 14:40

Thanks, have been looking for a house... the places we have seen so far within a few minutes walk to the beach have been flats but we really would like to be able ot have a glass of wine outside once the kids are in bed..

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