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Moving to North Yorkshire, advice please!

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coopekid · 27/02/2024 01:14

Considering a move to North Yorkshire from South East to be closer to family and enticed by more affordable housing options for us as a young family with 2 pre-school age DC. So far looked at the market towns of Malton/ Pickering/ Thirsk. Preferences are:

-No more than 30mins drive to family in Kirbymoorside 
-Good schools
-Good public transport and easy access to York (preferably a mainline train station)
-Amenities and things to do for DC (e.g playgrounds/ parks/ libraries/ children’s centres/ baby + toddler groups/ leisure centres etc)

We don’t know the areas so keen to get advice and recommendations on the above. 

OP posts:
Bluebackedsheep · 27/02/2024 08:57

If you are looking for both a 30 min drive to Kirkbymoorside and proximity to a station, Malton really is your obvious choice.

You don’t have to live in Malton though. There are a lot of beautiful villages around. Slingsby, Terrinton, Hovingham, Helmsley, Harome, Westow etc. Slingsby has a really good Village School, with children travelling in from surrounding villages to get a place.

In terms of commuting you would have the choice of regular trains from Malton to York or driving down to York P&R and a bus to the train station.

In terms of facilities check out village websites and be aware that although there is a library in Malton, some of the villages are also served by a mobile library.

If you want to be closer to York, Haxby is worth a look or areas within the York ring road. Bishopthorpe seems particularly popular with young families, although you will pay for that popularity with higher house prices. Ditto other areas in York.

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