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New Kitchen

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VladimirVsVolodymyr · 26/02/2024 23:45

We're knocking a wall in the kitchen to turn it from an L to a square shape and putting new kitchen. I have attached drawings of the kitchen. I feel we don't have enough drawers, fridge needs to be bigger, I don't like corner unit.
Anyone have any tips?

New Kitchen
OP posts:
Seaside3 · 27/02/2024 07:27

Can you have a galley kitchen instead of an L?
Would rid you of your corner conundrum.

Difficult to tell really, you might get better advice from.a floor plan.

Chasingsquirrels · 27/02/2024 07:44

For me (and I appreciate I am particular in this respect - well my family say odd!) I couldn't have the lack of symmetry. Particularly each side of the hob.

Work out your current cupboard area, what you store, what you'd like to store, where everything you currently use and would like to use in your new kitchen would go. That should give you an idea of whether it is enough space.

Consider plinth drawers.

ClematisBlue49 · 27/02/2024 07:47

With a square layout you'll have more corners to deal with. I have one corner unit in my current kitchen (also L shaped), and it has a Le Mans pull-out mechanism, which works fine, but it does mean that not all of the space is used. If you do have a square, you might not need the island. Agree, a floorplan would help.

Geneticsbunny · 27/02/2024 08:00

We had a kitchen that size in a 6 bed house and there was plenty of storage space. In fact it was almost an identical layout except we separated the oven from the hob and had the hob where yours is and the oven under the counter where the bin is and there was no island unit

VladimirVsVolodymyr · 27/02/2024 11:34

Thanks for your replies, see floor plan attached. We are making the room a square and sort of keeping a similar shaped kitchen but adding in an island.

New Kitchen
OP posts:
Sanch1 · 27/02/2024 13:19

Storage wise its difficult to say as we don't know how much stuff you have! If your worried about it do you have enough space to put wall unit depth units on the back of the island?

My other comments on what you've shown would be:
1000mm between island and units is quite tight, 1200mm is more common.
Where will your microwave go, if you have one, as work surface looks limited?

Alchemistress · 27/02/2024 14:47

The space to the right of the hob will probably drive you bananas. You won't use it for prep and it's too close to the job for toaster/ kettle etc.

Can you put the hob in the island itself?

VladimirVsVolodymyr · 30/03/2024 12:24

Thanks for the replies, been battling a myriad of illnesses these past weeks.
Microwave goes on the wall top of the oven, we're getting a hot water tap so no kettle, toaster/coffee machine will go in the larder.
The island is too small for the hob and it means getting an extractor above the hob or a vented hob s we much is quite expensive and not as big.

OP posts:
LindaDawn · 30/03/2024 16:59

Those 300 drawers are very small. We have 400 and I wouldn’t want any smaller. Can you reduce your pantry size so you can have bigger drawers. We have just had a new kitchen fitted and only had space for 500 pantry.

LindaDawn · 30/03/2024 17:03

Your layout is so similar to my new kitchen. Are you sure you don’t have enough space on your island to put your hob on? Ours in on our island and looks out into the garden and you can chat to people. We have a vented hob and are very pleased with it so far.

Scarletttulips · 30/03/2024 17:05

You need to zone the kitchen -

Breakfast - cereal bowls glasses could be under the breakfast bar

same with nice plates bowls and unused crockery for occasions

Then dishwasher - under sink cleaning products - but I see you have a utility

drawers for cutlery cooking utensils - pans -

food storage

cup storage:

that’s a big kitchen for the size of house - could it have another purpose?

LindaDawn · 30/03/2024 17:07

Are you having seating on your island? If not you could put 30cm cupboards the other side of island. We did that and have tons of storage.

RandomMess · 30/03/2024 17:15

The more storage you gave the more unnecessary crap you keep.

VladimirVsVolodymyr · 31/03/2024 00:52

@LindaDawn the drawers "just" fit. I never thought about it. They've been built now and I can fit in the pots and lids in two drawers by stacking the smaller pots inside the larger ones.
We bought a bigger hob, got fed up of the 60cm hob so got an 80cm and the island is 1800cm. I also worry about food splatters and the vented hob takes so much space we'll end up with a small hob.

OP posts:
VladimirVsVolodymyr · 31/03/2024 00:59

@LindaDawn yes, we're having 3 child friendly barstools/high chairs on the other side of the island.
@Scarletttulips thank you! I think I need to remind myself of the pantry. I'm traumatised by my old kitchen and I hate clutter hence the worry that we'll spend all this money and still not have enough storage. Also the fact that it is not an "extension" as such, maybe that's what worries me. The other side of the kitchen has the dining table and a living room we have one sitting room/family room.

OP posts:
VladimirVsVolodymyr · 31/03/2024 02:01

@RandomMess very true, I doubt we'll have that problem as our house is not big.

OP posts:
HolidayHappy123 · 31/03/2024 03:20

How about losing the whole side return where the sink is. You can then have floor to ceiling units all the way along the other wall and a longer island that's big enough for the hob and the sink.

Get a downdraft hob so you don't need an extractor hood.

Sunflowergirl1 · 31/03/2024 08:20

Not what you asked but if you want to use your island as a social space, add some cupboards under the island near the sink and make the double cupboard/drawers single the opposite end. You could then have the island with space one end and partially at the side. Means you can sit around it in a more social environment. Our friends love coming and doing that with drinks etc. just a thought

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