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Hive heating boosting without us asking to!

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bananaapplepear · 26/02/2024 19:09

House is your regular UK semi detached with loft extension.
Hive was set with main zone for downstairs and TRVs on bedrooms.
The radiators on the loft floor did not have TRVs on them so I assume they were part of main zone.

Building work going on now in loft and those rads have been removed.

Hive keeps boosting main zone to 25 degrees.
Nobody is doing anything on the app.
Nobody is doing anything on the main control in the hallway.
All TRVs are calibrated.

What the hell is going on? I called Hive today and it was suggested it was because two of the TRVs needed calibrating.

Well we’ve done that now and all TRVs are good yet it’s still boosting!

I’ve had to turn the damn heating off completely as I’m too hot plus I dread to think what it will be costing.

Any ideas anyone please?


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bananaapplepear · 27/02/2024 16:52


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