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Inaccessible broken washing machine

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Tezstar · 26/02/2024 17:44

I bought my flat last year knowing it was a bit of a fixer-upper. Now the problems are beginning to bubble to the surface! The WM stopped working; a man came to day to fix it, but discovered he couldn't access it; whoever fitted the kitchen had more or less built the thing in. It is boxed in at the sides, he couldn't pull it forward; couldn't get to the plug to see if it was a simple fuse issue. He said I would have to have the counter removed but couldn't see how as they are sealed in etc etc. I 'm such a newbie to this I just don't know who to call. Could a carpenter make it accessible by sawing in from the side? I don't want to call a succession of Task Rabbit people to suck their teeth and puzzle over it. But then I think that people get into bank vaults so there must be a way? I'm inclined to just close the cupboard and use the launderette over the street for the forseeable. I can't refit the kitchen. Anyone had this happen? I don't know what to do. The guy today said he couldn't see any way in!

Thanks in advance for any pointers...

OP posts:
Honeysuckle16 · 26/02/2024 18:04

An experienced joiner/carpenter or even a handyman should be able to sort this for you. It might mean destroying that part of your worktop though. Sounds like it’s been a botched job but it’ll need fixing at some point so just phone recommended people, explain you need help and you’ll be able to tell from their reaction if they’re willing to sort it for you.

If you’re doing up your flat you’ll come across several issues like this so use it as a trial run!

GasPanic · 26/02/2024 18:11

Sometimes they are on feet.

You push the thing in, then screw up the feet and it looks impossible to get out. To get it out you lower the feet and the whole thing moves down leaving a gap at the top. You can then lift it up at the front and pull it forwards onto the floor. But beware it doesn't wreck you floor in the process.

You need to post some photos and maybe someone will have some suggestions as to how to remove it. Also be careful to isolate the water and electrics before you do.

Tezstar · 26/02/2024 20:21

Thanks both. It definitely has been botched; I felt the full professional disapproval of the repairman today, as if I'd fitted it myself. I felt obscurely guilty...
I think this washing machine repair man would have seen if it were on feet and shiftable that way. I 'll call a couple of carpenters and as you say get some photos; I don't want to keep paying people to come and tell me There Is No Way. And I do need to speak to them on the phone, get a bead on them maybe, if they are really on top of it. Thanks.

OP posts:
Geneticsbunny · 28/02/2024 18:31

If you post some pics someone on here might be able to help?

arejcenencehche3uh9f3 · 29/02/2024 13:14

Pics would help. I think getting advice from a carpenter/handyman or possibly even a kitchen fitter would be best.

What's the counter made of? If it's laminate then going in through the top would be doable if it can't be got at from the side of whatever is next to it. Obviously then you'd have to try and either get matching laminate to replace it or live with a gap and then redo the lot later on.

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