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Knocking down wall

5 replies

curlycurlymoo · 26/02/2024 14:46

I have what I believe to be a non load bearing wall. It sounds hollow. If I wanted to knock it down will I literally just be knocking it through with a hammer?

OP posts:
Hereyoume · 26/02/2024 16:52

Jesus OP!

Seriously! STOP!

Stud walls can be load bearing, get proper advice from a builder.

CatherinedeBourgh · 26/02/2024 17:24

You need to be 100% sure it's not load bearing - the fact that it has plasterboard and a hollow behind doesn't mean that's the case. A structural engineer can tell you.

If it's not load bearing and is indeed just a stud wall, yes, you can knock it down with a hammer.

Diyextension · 26/02/2024 20:08

Knock a hole in the wall, if its only plasterboard and made of 75-100mm timber then its not holding anything structural up.

curlycurlymoo · 26/02/2024 21:06

I had a builder ages ago come and quote me. He said he didn't think it was.

OP posts:
Diyextension · 26/02/2024 21:54

Take a floorboard up above it and have a look first to see whats under there , or in the loft if its an upstairs wall.

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