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Can’t find my electricity meter

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MissCeltic · 25/02/2024 14:15

I know this crazy but I have never submitted my readings so going to start doing this but I literally can’t find my electricity meter. I live in a tenement building and my gas meter is in a cupboard in my hall but not the other meter. Any ideas.

OP posts:
Borborygmus · 25/02/2024 14:18

Ask a neighbour?

Mrsjayy · 25/02/2024 14:22

is there a cupboard in your building is it In there? when we lived in flats all our electricity meters were outside the houses. (I'm find the right word because in Scotland we call it a close)

Crooklodge · 26/02/2024 14:01

In some tenements they are by the front door or in a locked cupboard under the stairs.

GasPanic · 26/02/2024 14:07

That's a bad idea because your meter could literally be reading anything meaning you are a huge amount in arrears or in credit. If you don't know the meter reading when you moved in how do you know how much of the use is due to you or the earlier occupant ?

I would look until I found it. Probably the best idea is to ask someone else where it is.

rwalker · 26/02/2024 14:11

A lot of those buildings have a meter room or cupboard. Everyone’s in

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