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Anyone else on the market and waiting for something to come on to move to?

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IsambardMousepractice · 23/02/2024 07:01

I know February is traditionally awful and I really have everything crossed that some properties will come on in March. Our needs are quite specific and it's very scary. Anyone else in the same boat who wants to join me to bite nails and vent a bit?? 😊

OP posts:
Downtonbabby · 23/02/2024 16:56

We aren’t on the market yet, but planning to go on around April time, so we are closely following what is coming up in case something perfect comes up sooner.
Since Christmas nothing we has come on the market we would be interested in looking at. It’s mainly been just re listings or things that have been overpriced, slightly lowered only a couple of new to the market places. I’m honestly starting to worry now and make me nervous about listing ours and there being nothing to buy!

BarbaricPeach · 23/02/2024 17:55

We've been on the market for the past six weeks. We're not looking for another house (we're going to a new build) but the market is absolutely dead at the moment. Within 3 miles of us, no three bed has gone on the market since the first of February! That covers half of three large towns, two smaller towns/villages and a dozen or so small villages. And only seven in those three weeks if you extend to 5 miles.

It's a similar story in the area we're looking to buy. Very little coming on the market at all, and even less that we'd want to buy.

winewolfhowls · 23/02/2024 18:46

We are going on the market next week but nothing caught our eye yet. Feeling a bit panicky about it tbh

Purplepepsi · 23/02/2024 20:04

We've supposedly sold 5 months ago and are waiting for them to find an onward purchase! So we're looking now too as fed up of waiting. Not loads coming on though that we like. Very frustrating.

Ametora · 23/02/2024 20:08

Sort of
Going to list shortly when the decorators move out (finally)
Want to buy in my childhood home village (family still local) which is a massive tourist destination
7 homes listed last Sept (so all but 1 are 2nd homes)
2 sold
2 still for sale (but not suitable /ridiculously priced)
3 taken off the market this week- I assume to rent over the Summer
Only about 200 houses in the village.

Gloriasub · 23/02/2024 20:53

Purplepepsi · 23/02/2024 20:04

We've supposedly sold 5 months ago and are waiting for them to find an onward purchase! So we're looking now too as fed up of waiting. Not loads coming on though that we like. Very frustrating.

Does it mean your offer is accepted and are waiting for the chain?

Gloriasub · 23/02/2024 20:54

Been looking up online day to day, same result everyday lol

2023Tobeornottobe · 24/02/2024 14:49

I am in the same boat, I have just had the photos of my flat done. But it's a bit depressing out there at the moment so I'm tempted to use delaying tactics with the EA and not rush to market just yet. I had seen a lovely house but as i wasn't proceedable, I missed out on it to someone else, which I sort of expected. But I keep comparing anything I see to the house I wanted now. Possibly because there is nothing about (and I live in a city!) Definitely joining you for venting!

winewolfhowls · 24/02/2024 21:14

2023Tobeornottobe, we saw a lovely one a few weeks ago and it went in one day!

Gloriasub, to my shame I'm checking Rightmove TWICE a day because although we aren't on the market yet I'm convinced we will miss out on the ONE HOUSE.

WimbyAce · 24/02/2024 23:16

After trying to move in 2021 and 2022 we are looking to market again next month. I have my excitement back so fingers crossed for 3rd time lucky 🤞🏻

breadandroses1992 · 24/02/2024 23:23

Same here I want a 3 bed flat or a big 2 bed and am only looking in a limited radius. My flat is a small 2 bed and lots of flats on the market now are the same size as mine!

NotQuiteUsual · 25/02/2024 12:43

We're in talks with local landlords and property developers to sell to them. We'll loose a bit off the value of our house but it will make us proceedable quickly in a very unpredictable area. Just need that ideal house to materialise now. looking at you spacious and affordable 4 beds across the road

Dandelion24 · 26/02/2024 12:03

Same here
I am on rightmove every single day refreshing to see if anything new has come up.
It’s honestly so depressing 😩

There’s just been nothing for months in my desired location. People are clearly holding out on selling

MilkSweatAndTears · 27/03/2024 14:25


sold to a cash buyer 4 weeks ago and don’t want to lose her , but absolutely nothing to buy here in Derbyshire

i was feeling ok until this week and now feeling the pressure . It’s becoming all consuming , so frustrating

poppy1973 · 27/03/2024 14:28

Have accepted an offer but can’t see anything suitable. Not sure what we will do!!

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